30 Days of Adventure


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Day 1 of Adventure

Hi there, Matt here 👋

Wowweee! Talk about a passion project 😅

The seeds of this journey were planted while comrades and I backpacked the Oregon Coast Trail last summer in pursuit of land to create an intentional community on (which you'll see epic footage of in each day's session).

Then I wrote and designed the material for this journey while adventuring around Mexico and Guatemala last winter.

From nature immersions, medicine journeys, and spirit quests … this journey was inspired by the most adventurous experiences in my life that ultimately opened me up to more love, courage, and freedom. This journey is my creative way of sharing what I've learned from these experiences in a way that's fun and relevant to everyone.

So whatever transition you're going through right now, my prayer is that these short daily sessions will stoke the inner fire of our awakening hearts, equip us with the methods and tools to wake up to our life, and inspire us to take courageous action toward what is most important.

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What to Expect

The intention of this journey is to inspire courageous action toward what is most important, for you.


With just 15 minutes per day, we will …

  • cultivate clarity around our inspired dreams and goals
  • practice safely expanding into the unknown
  • discover self-imposed limitations and ways to grow past them
  • nurture, heal, and release fears & traumas
  • access our authentic power through deeper states of awareness
  • take aligned action towards creating the life of our dreams
  • embrace and enjoy the inevitable challenges

… one inspired intention at a time.

The Daily Flow

Each short daily session is built on a core awareness of love, interconnection, and the guidance and surprise of life.

Over the next 30 days, and hopefully forever beyond it, we will be gifting ourselves at least 15 minutes each day (ideally in the morning) to connect with and nurture our adventurous Self.


Meet the trail angels:

Each daily session includes the following inspiring allies who will support us, help us see ourselves in a new light, and provide fun ways to nurture what is most important:



Trailblazer Feedback

Intention Inspired testimonial
Intention Inspired testimonial
Intention Inspired testimonial

What will the story of your adventurous journey unfold?

Let's find out! 💌✨👇

what we believe
  • 🙏 We believe that all life is sacred, integral to the whole, complete from the start.
  • 🎉 We believe that letting ourselves be seen should be celebrated.
  • 👫 We believe that living our truth is easier when we have each other.
  • 💖 We believe we're all on the same journey home, each with our own unique path.
  • 🤝 We believe that together we accomplish more than we can ever do alone.
  • 🦁 We believe in empowering ourselves to believe in the power and beauty in our own voice.
  • 🥸 We believe the creative expression of our essential nature is our birthright.


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