4 Ways I am Making Peace with Uncertainty

By Maria Vandenburg
I once had a job interview where the CEO of the company pulled me aside afterward to provide an unofficial mentorship opportunity. She told me to stop selling myself short, to never say that "I just" do this or "I just" do that. Well, this site is a celebration of the exact opposite. It's about coming to terms with who I am and stepping into my own skin. Growing into knowing that I am Enough, just as I am, and hopefully a similar recognition for any and all who happen to come across these pages.

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Your words about not needing to be “fixed” resonated like bells with the journey I have been on in learning to accept myself as a loving person who has lived with anxiety and depression throughout my 59 years and is finally saying “I am a work of God, who loves me infinitely and desires that I know and love Him.” I learn this lesson over and again….. and that is fine! Its the lesson of learning to be comfortable “in my own skin” . With that realization, I am able to let go of old expectations (I agree with you about the “expectations being resentments waiting to happen”) . Now I see where I am .. and where I want to proceed is becoming clearer.



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