5 Simple Steps to Reconnect with Addicts During the Holidays

By Ebin Barnett
Ebin Barnett
Hi! I'm a husband, father of two beautiful adopted baby girls and a 10-Year-Cubical-Reject. After a 15 year battle with alcohol, my life came crashing down and out of the ashes, Intention Inspired was born with my brother Matt. This is my re-awakening journey to sobriety and living an intention inspired lifestyle. I am hoping to help you do the same. Loving the Journey- Ebin

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Sheila letwiniuk
Sheila letwiniuk

This is good advice and I might add meet them wherever they are physically on the street mentally accept any anger they have
Be a good listener without judgement
LOVE on them
Find out their love language (see five love languages)
Keep loving them
Inviting them
And never ever give up on them and tell them that often

Carol Skiles
Carol Skiles

Thanks for this article Ebin! I also am the addict(one of them, lol) in my family. Not ready to reconnect just yet this year, but one day maybe. Good stuff tho! Enjoyed reading 🙂



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