6 Little Known Ways to Loving Yourself More Every Day

By Sonja Roche
Sonja Roche is a creature of love and her mission is to create and inspire meaningful connections within and between fellow human beings. As a psychologist, life coach, and personal development trainer she acts like "an open source system" lovingly disclosing and sharing her own journey in order to support the growth of others. Sonja lives in self-development like a fish lives in water. She goes high and beyond to unleash her greatest asset, her true, her powerful self and she believes you can do it too!

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Gillian Robinson
Gillian Robinson

hi im really struggling with self belief and confidence and cant seem to get a job or stay in one long, i dont have many friends and feel really isolated, i do have a lovely daughter and dog and cat and family, i lost my mum a few years ago whom i was really close to, im at my wits end and worry too much of what people think of me. can u give me any advice please

Reyna Mojica
Reyna Mojica

I would live to join the 30 day of live challeng but I dont have the money. What can I do.



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