6 Things You Take for Granted (But Need to be Grateful For!)

By Sónia Pereira

Over the last few months I have been given a great honor to, together with the “Heart of Intention Inspired”- Ebin and Matt, design the 30-Day Gratitude Challenge. You can check it out here.30 Days of Gratitude


While working on this powerfully transformational tool I kept asking myself and others:

What is something so, essential, so meaningful that I am taking for granted today? What is something we all should be incredibly thankful for, yet we constantly overlook?

The answers that followed these questions were quite surprising in their simplicity, yet they offered many opportunities for shifting my perspective on life. Over the months I experienced how my way of looking, thinking, being and showing up in this world changed and expanded. This journey showed me once more that gratitude is, and will always be, the most powerful tool for inner transformation and my favorite “highway to the heart”.

When there is gratitude there is no anger.
When there is gratitude there is no fear.
When there is gratitude there is no need for control, addiction, pain and suffering.

Cultivating gratitude is the best way to improve the quality of your life, to bring joy into it, to surrender to what is and embrace your personal power. So, what can you be grateful for today?

Here are 5 examples of powerful gifts, grace and blessings we receive on daily basis, and that we can be truly thankful for:

1. The Gift of Life

Have you ever felt grateful for the lucky coincidence that lead to your birth?

The odds of your being born in this particular time, place and circumstance is about 1 in 400,000,000,000 (1). It’s more likely that you will be hit by a lightning, voted the next US president, or win a MegaMillions Lottery Jackpot. That’s how precious you are. You happen only once, and even if you don’t particularly like yourself, or appreciate your authenticity, you truly are a precious, unique creation of life as we know it.

You are still alive today despite all the odds. Just this makes you an ultimate lucky winner in life.

2. The Fortune of Having a Family

We are all connected in this world. For most of us the family is where our primary capacity for connection is developed. Families are an extremely complicated unit, some more functional and some less. Some with pleasant, some with less pleasant dynamics.

And even though we might have been hurt, neglected or abused in our primary family it’s never that “black and white”. We are missing the point if we judge and focus only on the “bad stuff”. Even the most distant and distracted parents brought tremendous value into our life, they taught us valuable lessons, offered us a chance to build lasting resilience and targeted our capacity for cultivating compassion.

They made us who we are today-lovely, caring creatures who are walking the path of self-development, learning to be the best version of ourselves.

We need to forgive our family, thank our family and recognize how lucky we are to have exactly the family we have. The blessings we got from them are infinite, so what could we thank our family for right this moment?

3. The Happiness of Health

Health is the most important thing that keeps us alive, yet many of us tend to neglect it. Many of us prioritize work, people pleasing, distraction and other preoccupations that in the end of the day leave the organism depleted, exhausted, toxified and ill.

True health is holistic and rises from gratitude and self-love. When a person truly loves him/herself then health and well-being becomes their priority. Maintaining healthy habits and taking care of oneself means appreciating the priceless gift of immunity, body, physiology, and psyche.

There are all these extremely complex and fragile particles that we are made of and they all work together in synchronicity to maintain our life. Even though our health might not be perfect (many we have a medical condition or are not in a good shape at the moment) we still have so much to be grateful for.

Our ability to see, hear, touch, taste, navigate in space, feel pleasure, run, sing…. All of these are available thanks to the fact that we are healthy to some extent.

What is the most precious gift your health keeps giving to you? Would millions of dollars be enough to buy that gift from you? Doesn’t that make you a kind of a multi-millionaire?

4. The Honor of Having a Home

There are over 100 million homeless people worldwide and you are, likely, not one of them. How is that for a reason to be grateful?

Having a warm, cozy place where you can sleep safely, have your breakfast in peace, prepare your meals, spend time with your loved ones and perform the basic act of good hygiene is pretty much a luxury if you take in account how many people in the world need to get by without it. How would your life be without these comforts?

Take a moment to recognize how wealthy you are and how abundant your life really is. By appreciating what you already have and feeling grateful for it, you can avoid the feeling of lack that comes from being focused on what you don’t.

5. The Grace of Our Capacity for Change

Every moment of your every day carries a potential for deep transformative change. All it takes for this change to happen is for you to do something different from what you did before.

We are, as humans, absolutely blessed with a tremendous potential for greatness. We are creative, productive, knowledgeable, influential, inspiring but we often do not know that about ourselves and that is why we get stuck in doing the same things over and over again. We set limits to our impact and contribution to this world.

The good news is we can change. By being aware of that capacity and feeling the gratitude for it we can rise above our self-imposed limitations and actualize our deepest potential.

What are some of your talents, skills, dreams, interest that you have been neglecting and taking for granted lately? How would your life change if you invested in them and believed in yourself?

6. The Powerful Potential of Intentional Living

Besides being blessed with life, people who love us, health, home and capacity to change for the better at any moment, we also have the amazing power to be the creators of our own life. We can actually decide and choose what our life will be like.


Not all of us are in tune with this powerful ability, yet each and every person has it.

To be a creator of your life you need to realize that your external life circumstances are a reflection of your inner beliefs about yourself, others and the world as a whole. Once you accept that to be true for you, a “door opens” for you to intentionally start changing the dysfunctional beliefs, slowly replacing them with healthier, more adaptive ones.

Gratitude plays a huge role in that process because it shifts your focus to all the positive, fortunate circumstances in your life and creates a pleasant feeling of love and joy that accompanies an act for truly being thankful.

Luckily, gratitude is something we can easily cultivate and grow but it does take practice and devotion to living in a constant state of gratitude. It took me years to get there, but you can do it way quicker through our 30 Day Gratitude Challenge that embodies all the aspects of being grateful that I learned on my own journey so far.

Give it a chance and you will instantly get more gifts that you can be grateful for.


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