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A Profound Commitment to Awaken Your Creative Energy

“Spring is a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.”

Welcome, everyone, to the beginning of our Spring Creative Journal Journey!  

Spring Is Here and I am so excited to share the growth, curiosity, and excitement of Spring with you.  If you want to read more about what a Creative Journal is the link is HERE.


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I Am Open to the Mystery and the Magic that this New Beginning Brings.


We begin with our commitment to our creative expression and to our own self-awareness.

We begin with the realization that even if a “creative journal” isn't your chosen form of creative expression, any creative practice enhances the power of creativity in all areas of our life.  I find that I can be more authentic, experiment, play, and also share these ideas with you more fully if all of us have the same tools to work with.  Keeping a creative journal, honoring the commitments we make to ourselves, making our journal our own…these are the actions that bring us closer to living a joyful and creative life and self-actualization.

Each day we will have an affirmation, a gratitude prompt, and set an intention for the day (if you are doing this in the evening these prompts can apply to the following day).  Today we will make a commitment for a set amount of time each day.  It is important that we keep this commitment so set an amount of time that allows you to succeed.  If you consistently fall short of your commitment it begins to set up resentment and a sense of failure or may cause you to quit, so choose an amount of time that is practical.  You can stay as long as you like.

What is your “Creative History Story”?

Spring invites us to realize and celebrate that we are new each moment.

The Spring Equinox or Vernal Equinox is the time when the Earth comes into balance, awakening from the long sleep of Winter.  12 hours of light and 12 hours of Darkness. Our imagination, curiosity and creative energy awaken with the Earth and we shake off our “hibernation”.   The Vernal Equinox (vernal-“of the Spring”  equi-“equal”  nox-“night”) marks the turning point when daylight begins to overtake the darkness.

Winter has allowed us to rest, to go within and embrace stillness.  It gave us the opportunity to accept death, not as an end but a new beginning.  With the arrival of Spring we feel the stirrings of rebirth, growth, and awakening.  A new beginning is stirring and we must become clear about what we desire.

Today we make our commitment to our awakened creative energy.  We vow to honor our commitment of self awareness by releasing critics, judgment and perfectionism.  We applaud our courage to create and to stay open and curious about the way that expression manifests for us.

Copy this commitment agreement either by handwriting it into your journal, downloading the one below, or making a copy and pasting it in.

DOWNLOAD & PRINT » Commitment to Awaken My Creative Energy.pdf

When you have copied or printed and signed your commitment declaration use your colors to decorate around it.

To solidify your commitment I encourage you to do something symbolic (light a candle, write a poem, a Spring meditation, create an alter) something to honor your commitment.  Share that with us if you feel comfortable.  A shared journey can be very powerful.

There is great power in sharing your creative process.  It takes courage to show up and feel vulnerable but we learn so much by sharing.  In many cases it is your vulnerability that will give someone else the courage to be seen and heard. I always love to hear about where you are and what you're learning on this journey of creative expression.  Get Curious and Feed Your Soul!

We all know what a wonderful feeling gratitude can be.  Here are a few benefits people have noticed when practicing gratitude:

  • Gratitude can lower your stress levels;
  • It can help you feel calmer, especially at night;
  • Expressing gratitude can give you a new perspective on what is important to you and what you truly appreciate in your life
  • By noting what you are grateful for, you can gain clarity on what you want to have more of in your life, and what you can do without
  • Gratitude can help you learn more about yourself and become more self-aware
  • When life is challenging you can read through your gratitude journal to readjust your attitude and remember all the good things in your life

Remember, it takes consistent practice for about a month to create a new habit. Gratitude can be a healing and life-affirming process.  Being in gratitude can change your life because you will be focused on love, joy, appreciation for the life you have created and not what you are lacking.  Be consistent with your gratitude commitment as we journey through Spring.  Trust that even if you can't see immediate results changes are occurring.

I Am Grateful for





“There is tremendous power in taking time to tap into what your heart and soul wants to experience and then declaring that to the universe.”


Setting and Living your Intentions allows you to focus on who you are in the moment and clarify who you would like to be.

Setting intentions is not the same as setting goals.  Setting goals is how we prepare for the future.  Setting intentions is clarifying and aligning who we want to be and how we want to feel in this moment.  By setting intentions we decide how we want to show up in the world and how we want to “touch” others.  Setting intentions allow us to recognize and live our values and raise our emotional energy. Setting intentions can help you to:

  • Intentionally align your actions with your values.
  • Stay focused on your true top priorities in life.
  • Provide you with direction and a reminder for how to live out each day.
  • Give you purpose as well as the inspiration and motivation to achieve your purpose. The practice of setting daily intentions is all about making tiny shifts in perspective that can change your life.
  • Take your mind off problems and perceived limitations. Instead, it puts your focus on something that will have a positive impact on your life. Clearly stating how you intend to feel today instead of wishing that you felt better puts the power of change in your own hands.

I found these three steps to be helpful for clarifying and setting my intentions:

Step One:

To assure that we can focus on the intentions that align with our new state of being we must first finish what we have started.  Think of it as removing energetic clutter.  If you are like me I set quite a few intentions that I got halfway through and then shifted my focus.  That left me with quite a few unfinished and unclarified “projects” that weigh me down. To make space for my new intentions, clear my vibrational field and release any intentions that no longer align with my values I will:

Make a list of any unfinished projects.  (Reconnect to or forgive someone, begin now to honor commitments you made to yourself, throw out clothes you don't wear, declutter your workspace, set up an alter, make a decision you have been avoiding…whatever is “weighing you down” and blocking your flow)

This practice of vibrational clean-up will take some thought and some time. Making our list will be our intentional focus for today.  Don't be concerned if your list is long or the clean up seems daunting.  The power of intentions allow us to begin manifesting as soon as we set the intention to change.  The change will occur organically as we begin to clear our field.  We will move on to step two tomorrow.  Happy Cleaning!

Step 2 can be found in tomorrow's session »

Please take a moment to pause and reflect on how it feels to have made a commitment to your creative expression in the Activity Feed.

What are your observations about Spring and how does it feel to make yourself a priority?  What excites you about Spring colors and the possibilities that Spring holds?

Change can be difficult or uncomfortable but it is the only constant in the Universe.  It will happen with or without your conscious awareness.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to intentionally direct your story?

Join us in the Intention Inspired Art Room for our community creative journaling.


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