ABSTRACT - encouraging involvement to explore

🧩 ABSTRACT – allowing our soul to sing its own song


Prefer to listen as you let your soul sing?

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ABSTRACT - encouraging involvement to explore

Today, let's break away from the “norm” in a way that resonates with our inner divinity and allows our soul to sing its own song.

The abstract is not designed to “make sense” or copy reality.

We are not designed to always “make sense” or copy a reality we have already lived or the reality of anyone else.

Abstract means existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence.

It is meant to encourage involvement and imagination in the viewer.  We are the viewers of our reality.  The abstract allows us the freedom to explore and create our own meanings for the reality we are creating and the manifestations that we bring to life.   The abstract brings us close to releasing our need to believe that we already “KNOW”.


We gaze with wonder as the natural world prepares.

Much of the preparation goes unseen but we can imagine it occurring.  Maybe these preparations inspire us to create.

That is the beauty of the Abstract.

Holding just an idea or a vision and imagining an outcome … that is the essence of creativity.  What is also amazing is that you don't have to have a thought or a well-thought-out idea.  You have your own internal expression that is longing to be witnessed.

To let your soul speak you just have to begin and be willing to stay out of your own way.

It is easier to stay out of your own way when you aren't battling with what you think you already know.  Often times the beliefs we currently hold are actually what has us blocked or in a state of resistance.  “Just because I currently believe it doesn't make it true”.




“I have the courage to create and the wisdom to admit that I may not know.

I allow my internal wisdom to be heard.”


You probably guessed … Abstract!

Let's allow our soul to speak through our creative journal:

  1. Bring yourself to this moment with three long, slow breaths.
  2. On your clean journal page, use a black pen or pencil and make marks on the page.  This is an exercise of layers in whatever medium you choose.
  3. Allow your black mark-making tool to travel freely across and around the page.  (If you need more structure make 10 dots on the page and run a line from one to the other like a connect the dots.  That should get you started.
  4. Choose a color and fill in some spaces or create some shapes.  Be aware that you need some small shapes and some larger shapes for balance.  If you are using acrylic paint it is very easy to go over a dry color that you have already put down leaving just a bit of it showing.
  5. Let everything dry and then choose another color and do the same thing. Keep going in this fashion until you are satisfied.
  6. Finally, choose a color and an applicator (toilet paper tube, edge of a plastic gift card, bubble wrap, anything that will make marks).  Coat the applicator with paint (or if your medium won't work that way just make marks over your page any way you can).


“As I gaze with wonder and let my soul speak,

I feel grateful for ___________________ “



I like using my imagination and looking at things abstractly.

Doing this consistently broadens my ability to see a bigger and more interesting picture of any experience.

How do you enjoy letting your soul speak through abstraction?

Please share your observations and creative musings in the comments below or the Art Room Activity Feed.


Today's intentional session is a small excerpt from this 30-day journey we think you'd love!


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