🌟 ABUNDANCE – celebrating our creations and becoming receptive for what’s next


ABUNDANCE - celebrating the bounty we have already created with receptivity for what’s next

Today, let's broaden our perspective of abundance by appreciating what we have already created and become open receptacles of for the vast bounty that is yet to come.

We have manifested a great bounty of love and creativity.  There is more to come!  That is not a statement of greed.  We are deserving of this abundance. We are doing the internal, creative “work” necessary to become the highest expression of our being.  “Source” is active and willing to give.  How open are we to receive?



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“I am deserving of the abundance of the Universe.”

Not only are we surrounded by the abundance of the creative life we are living (both internally and externally) but this very moment we are creating the path towards what lies ahead.  This knowledge adds importance to our creative observations.

What we think, believe and feel will determine what our future path will be. That is why we spend so much time observing our patterns of thought and behavior and then setting the intentions that will best serve our greatest manifestations.


Oh! The vast abundance of Autumn.  So rich, so colorful, so ripe!

We tend to equate abundance with money or material goods.  Let's spend the day broadening that perception.  We live on a planet of incredible wealth.  We are receptacles of knowledge that we may not even be fully aware of.  All around us is the bounty of our own creative manifestation.

Spend a moment appreciating the bounty that surrounds you.

Today we are focused on the Abundance of the Harvest.

Throughout our creative practice runs a beautiful and bountiful thread of connection.  We are not only connecting to ourselves and becoming aware of our own divinity.  We are connecting to Nature, to other co-creators, to Source.  These connections allow our creativity and self-awareness to take form and to grow…if we are willing to stay open and receptive.

What do you wish to receive?  (The sky universe is the limit.)


To gather the bounty of the Harvest we need a receptacle.  This could be a basket, a bowl, a shell, a chalice.  Any receptacle that resonates with you.

Collage or sketch this empty receptacle into your journal.  Ground yourself into this moment with a few grounding breaths.  Feel the gratitude for the abundance you have already manifested.

Ask and remain open to receive:  “I fill this receptacle with the bounty of my creative journey.  What do I need to create a path of love and fulfillment?”

Sit silently for a moment and let the answers arise.  When you are satisfied, fill your receptacle with words and/or images of your bounty (the bounty you currently have and the bounty that is yet to come).


“I am bountiful and creative.

I am open to receiving the Abundance of the Universe.


I am grateful for




There is no limit to what we can create.

That is the magic of our journey.  Part of the excitement and expansion is to celebrate the abundance that we have already created.

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