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No one knows your audience better than you. Which is why we want to give you complete creative control in how you engage your audience with Intention Inspired. However you go about it, the assets on this page should help.

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Below are images and website codes that already includes your unique referral URL. Check back regularly for updates as we are always creating fun new ways to invite people to get involved!

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To retain our brand image, please refrain from transforming, coloring, warping, tweaking, or bedazzling our logos and icons. Thanks!

How to talk about us.

If you've found yourself reading this, you no doubt have spoken with Laurie, Ebin, or Matt—the mom and two brothers who, along with our engaged community, have brought this project to life.

You've also likely poked around our website and hopefully had the chance to enroll into one of our courses

If so, you should know by now this isn't the most traditional business model. The entire project was inspired by an email series, which has taken form into this website, and is now under development to be a mobile app. Slowly but surely we are on an unstoppable mission to inspire ourselves and others to live a more intentional, mindful lifestyle.

The common thread within everything we offer our members is a fun way to connect deeper within themselves; to inspire the development of self-awareness and self-love. And by doing so, enjoying more meaningful relationships, finding more fulfillment in their work life, and finding ways to live in more alignment with who each people is at their core.

The service we offer has taken shape into bite-sized multi-day courses. Each day within the courses are built around a single intention. We collaborate with many creative souls to bring these courses to life and we are beyond grateful with where we are today and absolutely thrilled with what's to come.

So when it comes to communicating what Intention Inspired is to your audience, the best way to do that is to engage with our material for yourself and present it to your tribe in whatever way you feel will deliver the most value. This might be different from what other affiliates are doing depending on the type of relationship you have with your community. Which is why we highly encourage you to dive and invite your audience to join in a way that will resonate most with them.

See you on the journey,

– Matt, Ebin, Laurie and the Intention Inspired community

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Whether you need custom image sizes or even your very own landing page to invite your audience to join you for one of our series, we would be delighted to support you in every way possible to ensure you get the highest conversions.