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The Antidote to Fear

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Fear is the greatest setback on the journey to becoming brave. But there's one powerful antidote to fear that will help you forge ahead with courage.

How to melt away fear and forge ahead with bravery

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When you're working with the intention ‘I am Brave' the major obstacle that will come up time and time again is FEAR. What's up with fear? Why is it here? How can we deal with it? I want to share with you the greatest antidote to fear so you can forge ahead with bravery and courage.

fearFear is basically a defense mechanism that we animals have developed in order to survive. Our primal ancestors dealt with real, life-threatening fears like being attacked and killed, while we typically deal with more “cushy” fears like not being liked by others or not living up to expectations.

While fear may seem to hold you back from achieving your goals and dreams, there is one powerful antidote to fear to keep you trekking on your path, and that's TRUST.

What if I told you that, without a single doubt, everything is going to work out amazingly and perfectly on your journey, leading you exactly to where you're meant to be. Wouldn't it be easier to relax and be brave every day? If you know that everything will be okay, then what is to fear?

The trouble is, many of us struggle to believe that everything will be okay. We doubt, we wonder, we are skeptical. We believe that we have to be in control of everything in life in order for things to be okay. But this leads us deeper into the fear of losing control.

The only way to get through this is to fall back faithfully into a deep sense of trust.

Trust in a higher power.

Trust in your amazing life journey.

Trust in yourSELF.

Even if the outcomes you desire don't pan out, you are always guided toward your highest good. And we simply never know exactly what that is. But that's the mystery of life!

antidoteThere are no guarantees that nothing “bad” or uncomfortable won't happen. There's no magic formula to avoid suffering.

But there is a guarantee that everything will work out according to your highest good. Everything is leading you toward greater progress and growth.

If you can trust that you're always being pushed to grow, if you can trust yourself to always do your best and have faith in the face of challenges… then what's to fear?

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