ASPIRATIONAL - dedicated to what's most important

ASPIRATIONAL – dedicating to what’s most important

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Today, let’s cultivate an inner fire toward what matters most.

Today, let’s cultivate an inner fire toward what matters most.

Inner fire is limitless enthusiastic energy that inspires deep focus and heartfelt presence. Our inner fire is cultivated by waking up to what really matters to us and then sincerely dedicating to those aspirations (presence, truth, love, awakening, etc.). What matters most is revealed through deep presence, by acknowledging that control is and illusion, and by embracing the wisdom of impermanence.




Death comes for us all.




As we cultivate an inner fire through a practice of presence,

  • the more we’re in touch with what we authentically care about
  • the more at home we feel with who we are
  • the more in touch we are with what really matters
  • the more we’re connected to all that is
  • the more we’re aligned with our Self
  • the more open we are to what is deeply embedded in each experience.
  • the more we allow for any circumstance to bet part of our awakening


“Gamble everything for love.
If you’re a true human being, 

half-heartedness does reach to majesty.

You set out to find God,
but then you keep stopping for long periods

at mean-spirited roadhouses.”

– Rumi



I am present and available to what is here.

I release control and embrace impermanence.

I listen to follow the inspiration of my inner fire.

I am sincerely dedicated to my deepest aspirations.



What stokes your inner fire that you're sincerely dedicated to cultivating?

We'd love to hear in the comments!

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