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Day 26 of 30 Days of Adventure

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Today, let's embody our innermost self by observing our inner environment with courageous vulnerability.


It's a daily moment-by-moment practice.

At this point on our adventurous journey, we have further discovered that we have the capacity to handle anything life serves us with. And not only “handle” or tolerate the challenges, but enjoy growing from them!


It all start with INTENT.

Throughout the ups and downs, we hold the intention to be presence with what is here. When we ask for apples and life serves up lemons, we can trust that this is for us and enjoy sipping on our freshly squeezed lemonade.


But we're merely humans!

Perhaps we've been scared by past experiences that scare us from opening up more? Maybe the ego is holding onto beliefs or identities that give us some sense of control and purpose?

By analyzing the state of our inner environment with courageous vulnerability, we get the chance to notice limiting layers of self that are no longer serving us … and naturally, return to a more authentic state of being that is more free, more joyful, more loving, and more adventurous—let's explore!


Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D

best-selling author

You will become what you think about most; your success or failure in anything, large or small, will depend on your programming — what you accept from others, and what you say when you talk to yourself.

The brain simply believes what you tell it most. And what you tell it about you, it will create. It has no choice.

as within so without

As within, so without.

What we hold within us has a mirroring effect on our life and the lives of others.


What is more important than nurturing the relationship we have with ourself?

Even though we may have experienced a difficult past, the way we speak to ourselves dictates whether we remain a victim to our troubles or courageously grow by better understanding ourselves.


Set a timer for 2 minutes and allow what is speaking loudest within you to spill out into your journal.

Journaling provides a portrait into what is brewing beneath the surface of our minds. It helps us to understand ourselves better. As a result, we are able to weed out thoughts not conducive to our general well-being.

2️⃣ ⏳ 🧠 🫀 👁 📝

READY (deep breath), SET (no judgement), GO (no restraint)!

Great work! Now, let's nurture those 👆 aspects of us with a few sentences of affirmative self-talk.

Affirmative self-talk is a way to override our past negative programming by erasing or replacing it with conscious, positive new directions. Using affirmations and mantras are simple and powerful ways to practice reorienting ourselves to live in more alignment with our deepest intentions.

Wow, kudos to you for staying committed to the adventure of inspired intentions!

We have planted such healthy seeds. And through consistent daily practice, we provide nourishing water and energizing sunshine that allow these seeds to take root and blossom into a bouquet of beauty beyond our wildest imagination.


How about you?

What seed are you excited to water today?

We'd love to hear in the community comments!


How you start the day sets the tone for the rest of it.


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