BALANCE - honoring the duality that makes us whole

☯ BALANCE – how to embrace both the darkness and light


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BALANCE - honoring the duality that makes us whole

Today, let's honor all facets of our being—both the darkness and the light.

Because we are human, each of us contain elements of both darkness and light.  In fact, our light and our darkness is the duality that makes us whole. Often we acknowledge and value the light and attempt to avoid, bury or mask over the darkness.  We pass judgment, quickly, on those we perceive to be “dark”.  To be clear, light and dark are merely opposites, polarities that exist in our human experience.

We know these polarities exist and we know what it feels like when the light (perceptions of love) and the darkness (perceptions of fear) are out of balance. Can you think of a time in your life when your light and dark were out of balance?

Light-Love-compassion, trust, peace, passion, freedom, fulfillment, caring, delight, beauty, divinity, joy, health

Darkness-Fear-perfectionism, greed, jealousy, lack, dishonesty, dis-ease, loss, suffering, pain, anxiety, depression

Only you can fully identify (by knowing your values and beliefs) what your perceptions of light and dark would be.  This is very valuable information for creating our reality.



“I choose to live in the light and I choose to let my darkness be heard.”

One of the greatest gifts that we have been given in this world of polarities is the power to choose our perceptions. Since light (perceptions of love) and darkness (perceptions of fear) are opposites, we may determine that one is good and one is bad. In our conscious mind we know this is not “TRUTH”. We understand, through a process of curiosity and heightened self-awareness, that we need both. We need the contrast and to understand that our beliefs are not always “believable” or in our best interest.

What is your perception of your darkness? How can you let your darkness be heard?

What is your perception of your light? Do you celebrate when you choose to connect with your light qualities (no matter how minimal the connection may seem)?


As Autumn unfolds the days get shorter and the night gets longer.  Darkness and light gently return to balance.  Our focus today, as we follow the cycle of Autumn, is the darkness and light within each of us.

I will love the light for it shows me the way. Yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars.  – Og Mandino

As Autumn and Nature shows us, our physical journey (and the seasons, and our creativity, and our bodies, etc.) is a learning experience.  The darkness and the light are present in many areas of our human experience. The darkness fulfills its own purpose, as does each thing in the Universe (whether it makes sense at this moment or not). To fully understand and embrace both we must remain open and curious.

Darkness and Light Contrast

The light becomes lighter when held up to darkness.  It is through our experience of “darkness” that we embrace our resilience, our creativity and are able to weed out beliefs that do not serve. With careful observation and practice, the darkness can show us how to stay in the awareness of the reality we wish to create by giving us the power to choose.  Allow the energies to flow, light and dark, without judgment, as you create the vision for your reality. Begin to understand who and what no longer serves your highest purpose.


Put light against light…you have nothing.  Put darkness against darkness…you have nothing.  It is the contrast of light and dark that each give the other one meaning.  – Bob Ross

Our Journal prompt for the day is in honor of the Darkness and the Light and your unique imagination.

Depict your own connection of Light and Dark within you in whatever medium you choose.


“As I examine both the light and dark within me,

I am grateful for

_________________________ “



It is not always comfortable to acknowledge our perceptions of the dark.

Thank you for the courage to be curious and creative as you journey.  Please share your observations in the comments below or the Art Room Activity Feed.

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