Blooming with Grace Wherever Life Plants You

Blooming with Beauty and Grace Wherever Life Plants You

Today, let's release our intentions into the fertile soil of our consciousness where they can flourish and grow.


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 I release my intentions into the fertile soil of my consciousness where they can flourish and grow. 

My intention is  _________________ 

Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace.


Spring is the season of growth.

This is the perfect time to honor growth of all kinds.   The days become longer.  The nights are warmer and the world wakes up from it's winter sleep.

As journal keepers, we might feel compelled to go back through our journals from years ago and we may have the thought that nothing has changed.  The “battles” we were fighting then seem to be the same “battles” we are fighting now.  In fact, that is not the case.  Each time we experience a challenge we are a different person than the first time we saw it.  We have more knowledge, wisdom and possible solutions just because we had observed the challenge in the first place.  Each time we experience that challenge we can choose a new and creative way of acting towards it until finally it is no longer a challenge at all.  It is a new skill set.


Each day offers me experiences that support my growth and potential.

If we are observant we realize how much we have grown each time we see these aspects of ourselves.  We begin to see them as a valuable part of our journey and we celebrate our learning.

creative journal page by Marva Midkiff

There is so much beauty in the growth of Spring.

Today let's honor our own growth and the growth of Spring with the creation of our journal page.

Blooming with Grace Wherever Life Plants You
creative journal page by Matt Prindle

This journey is a playground for my growth and learning.

I am grateful for _________________________


Please take a moment to pause and reflect on what you have learned and how much you have grown since you began your journey of self-awareness.  Share your observations with us in the Activity Feed if you feel comfortable doing so.


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