BODY ~ patterns that create physical suffering

BODY ~ patterns that create physical suffering


Today, let's notice the ways that pattern-based living creates sickness and disease in the body.

When emotional patterns impede the action of the body, physical blocks develop that obstruct the flow of energy and cause sickness and disease to develop in the body. If left unnoticed, the patterns maintain and reinforce themselves through fixed ways of acting. The demand of fixed routines takes its toll on the body as our actions become increasingly out of balance with what is going on around us.




Mindfulness (and Mother Nature) to the pattern's rescue! 

The mind of the body is concerned with balance. It is always present and knows what needs to be done. As we bring attention to the pain in the body, created by emotional patterns, we have the opportunity to release the habitual reactions and allow the energy to flow more freely. In the process, physical pain can be experienced as pure sensation, and suffering does not arise because we're not holding ourselves in resistance. Let's practice!



  1. Bring to mind, a pattern that formed because of a difficult situation.
  2. Rest attention on the breath, and let the pattern unfold in your imagination.
  3. Continue to hold the pattern in awareness as you notice how the pattern manifests in the body:
    • In what ways do you hold and move your body as the pattern operates?
    • Does the body feel responsive or mechanical?
    • How does the repetition of the pattern affect the body's capabilities?
    • How do such movements affect the body over time?
    • Do the physical manifestations of the pattern help or hinder your ability to satisfy desires or avoid what is undesirable?



How have you noticed pain in the body develop as a result of a pattern?

We'd love to hear in our private community comments.

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