boots for my journey


Boots for My Journey

A ceramics process to celebrate our life walk.

Welcome to Liisa‘s art studio.

Liisa was my rebirthing doula through the medium of clay.

After prayers, forest bathing, meditating, and journaling, I imbibed the clay with my intentions.

Liisa then guided me through the process to turn this clay into life-sized ceramic boots to embody the journey of my Life Walk.

The right foot represents my present.

The left foot represents my past.

Releasing desired outcomes (among other things that no longer serve), I enjoyed surrendering to the ways of the clay.

The clay boots dry as intentions percolate.

The next exciting step will be the glazing.

Welp, my clay boots exploded in the kiln.

Another healthy reminder to embrace impermanence by letting go of expectations and embracing all that is.


Here's a photo of Liisa's beautiful boots.

Liisa's Boots for her Journey


I did make a bowl and cup that survived the firing and just glazed them!

glazing cup and bowl

Back to the kiln after applying the glaze … can't wait to see how they turn out!

This was such a fun and inspiring process.

Thank you, Liisa, for sharing your art in a joyous and brave way.


Walk deeply into your life with love, healing, and compassion, and for others who are also walking this human path.

— Liisa Rahkonen


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