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Meditation: ‘I am Brave’ Mantra Practice to Shift Your Reality

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A mantra is a word or phrase that is repeated during meditation as a focal point. This helps us calm the mind and stay present in our meditation, letting go of distractions and other thoughts.

But mantras are much more than just mental tasks. Mantras have the power to change our reality.


Well, everything is made of energy:  our bodies, our planet, our words, our thoughts, our feelings, our breath.

This energy vibrates at different frequencies, creating spectrums of light, color, and sound. A vast majority of these energy frequencies are not visible to our human eye, but they affect us constantly.

Each thought, each word, each feeling we express sends out an energy wave that floats out endlessly into space, like the ripples on the surface of a pond that radiate out from one center point.

Imagine all the ripples of energy colliding and resonating from each human, creating the world we see around us.

Quantum physics shows us that even thoughts have energy that can manifest into matter.

This is why it's so important to watch our words mindfully and choose them carefully.

What we speak becomes our reality.

This is where mantras come into play. The more you repeat a mantra, the more you feel it and embody its energy, the more you see it becoming a reality in your life.

Using the mantra, “I am Brave” is a powerful practice in speaking and thinking your intention into reality.

The mantra can be repeated silently or out loud, as long as you focus on it intently. Feel the energy of the words vibrating through you and out into the cosmos.

Combined with a powerful visualization practice, this mantra “I am Brave” will shift your reality… FAST.


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