Gia’s Brave Story of Finding Herself

Sometimes in life we have to be willing to take big risks if we want big change. Even when it's uncomfortable, even when it's scary, taking a leap of faith into the unknown is the only way to get big rewards. This is my brave story of how I changed my name in order to become my true self (and achieve my dreams!).

I never thought that I'd become a professional musician some day. I knew I wanted to be something BIG, but somehow I never dreamed of pursuing a music career; I didn't think it was possible.

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Although I had always loved singing (and was basically doing it since birth!), I thought I'd pursue something a bit more practical. So in college, I studied exercise science and pursued a career teaching yoga and meditation. This was all fine and well- I enjoy this stuff, too. But I was totally playing it SAFE.(1)

It wasn't until after college that my path and plan was completely flipped upside down. I met a music producer who loved my voice and wanted to work with me. He asked me to write some lyrics and melodies to some of his beats. (I said sure, but honestly didn't know what the hell I was doing! I had never written music before!!)

What happened next was the greatest surprise of my lifetime.

Songs flowed from me effortlessly like I was born to do it!  I couldn't explain it, but somehow I already had everything I needed to write beautiful songs- quickly!


I had this whole plan in my head about being a teacher and healer (which is still a big part of my life), but my highest purpose was finally revealed.

Teaching yoga would be safe and with small rewards. Becoming a professional musician would be scary, risky, crazy… but would reap the HUGEST rewards and would lead to the BIGGEST achievement of my lifetime.

But there was one problem here: my name.

I was born with a very plain, popular American name (which I won't mention here, since it's no longer a part of me!). This name represented the entire path of playing it safe: safe name, safe job, safe life. But I knew I was born to be something BIG, and this old name would hold me back. (Sorry Mom and Dad! You did your best) (2)

So after some contemplation and meditation, I was gifted with my new name: Gia.

BOOM! It was huge. I could feel so much more energy, expansion, and possibility with this name!

But how do you just change identities all of a sudden and become someone new?? This was truly the scariest part. If I changed my name, what would people think of me? What would happen??

To be honest, the transition was rocky, to say the least. It took me 6 YEARS to fully transition into being Gia.

I went back and forth, I divided myself in half, I was two people for a long time. No one knew what to call me or what to make of it.

Finally… it was time to step up and BE BRAVE.

In 2015, I announced to myself, my family, my friends, and the Universe, that I would be solely known as Gia, no matter the circumstances. It was awkward at first for a lot of people!  Many people still call me by my old name because it's hard to change.

But I have to tell you, this brave step on my journey unfolded so beautifully and brought endless rewards.

I finally became the person who I am meant to be!

Since becoming Gia, I have gone to music school, written tons of songs, performed my music in LA and San Diego, released my debut album, and last week I was interviewed on the radio here in San Diego!! (3)

I had to take big risks and be brave in order to reap the greatest benefits and become who I am meant to be! (4)

If you'd like to hear me tell this story, watch the video above (and listen to the background music, which is one of my original songs!).

Now I KNOW that there's some wild journey calling your name, as well.  I know that you have a desire in your heart to achieve something big and be something great, but maybe fear is holding you back.

It's time for YOU to step up and be brave, too. It's time to take BIG risks and see those BIG results.

Ready or not… join us for the 30 Days of Brave Challenge to jump start your journey to greatness!

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