The Seed That Started Intention Inspired

I recently spent some time with the co-founder of Intention Inspired, Matt Prindle, who is actively co-creating the future with all of us. We dove into who he is, how Intention Inspired was formed, and what he’s looking forward to in the future. The Origins of Intention Inspired “I remember having the opportunity to take … Read more

Bringing in the Light with Gia

Bringing in the Light with Gia

In addition to being our host for 7 days of Balance and 30 days of Mindfulness, Gia is also a Spiritual Teacher, Energy Healer, Musician, and Sound Healer. She shares herself, her passions and how she brings light into the world with us.  “I bring all of my healing gifts together to help my clients shift and transform … Read more

Remembering who we are with Marva Midkiff

Marva Midkiff

By: Maria Vandenburg Our discussion with Marva opened up with how concepts like spirituality, self-development, and self-discovery are often hard to put into words. Marva reflected that some of our terms are overused and have now taken on an altered definition. “Spirituality” can have many different meanings depending on our own personal understanding of it. … Read more

Finding my Voice with Intention Inspired

In May 2017, I found myself randomly stumbling across a clip of some guy standing in a forest with a man bun telling me about “how brave I already am,” how he “guarantees it.” I had no idea that that particular clip and my subsequent sign up for 30 days of Brave with the intention … Read more