CONSCIOUS awareness of emotional reactivity


Today, let's notice the transitions between conscious awareness and unconscious emotional reactivity.

Yesterday, we practiced identifying reactive patterns of behavior by observing the physical, emotional, and intellectual responses that immediately follow a triggered pattern. These habitual reactive patterns dilute our perception of reality and cause us and behave in ways that create suffering—unconsciously—and unnecessarily.

Further awareness of the transition between when we're consciously choosing where to put our energy versus unconsciously reacting to a triggering situation has valuable information for us to release patterns of behavior that are no longer serving.



Practice noticing these three basic emotional reactions:

  1. attraction – (I want this!)
  2. aversion – (I don't want this!)
  3. indifference – (I don't care!)

These core emotional reactions give rise to what we feel—and they don't feel good! In fact, they are responsible for turning unavoidable pain into avoidable suffering. The more we notice them, the more we have the opportunity to learn why we react the way we do and respond the way we want. Smells freedom in the making! We can see what it is we're holding too tightly, pushing away too hard, or ignoring altogether. Therein lies the opportunity to loosen the grip, let go of resistance, or enjoy with curiosity.



What helps you notice emotional reactions?

We'd love to hear in the private community comments!

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