Countdown: Top 30 Things I learned from #30DaysofBrave

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I actually thought writing 30 lessons from the challenge would be difficult, but honestly this was really easy. I could go on and on… What I really want to know is… WHAT DID YOU LEARN?

OK- First of all, I really wanted to put #1 at the top here because it REALLY BLEW MY MIND! BUT…. it's a countdown after all. I think YOU will really enjoy #1 when you get to it 🙂

#30 – Thirty days goes faster than you think. I can’t believe I’m already done.

#29 – #IamBrave I just didn’t know it yet. Now… I DO!

#28 – You are NOT alone!!! There are more encouraging people out there than I thought. Check out the FaceBook Group!

#27 – You’re going to miss days. No big deal. It’s life. On the next day take an extra 2 minutes to catch up. Sure you may not get to post on every day, but that’s not the point.

#26 – Some days are really tough and don’t seem to make sense. Guess what? That’s ok too. It’s just one day. Tomorrow is soon here.

#25 – The affirmations seem to work better when you read them out loud. I wasn't doing this at first, but after I started reading them out loud I noticed that I had a deeper connection to the words hearing my own voice saying them.  Try it.

#24 – Matthew Prindle is amazing… end of story. I can’t believe he’s available!!! Ladies??? His cell # is 909-456-1234… hahaha, J/K. He’d kill me 🙂

#23 – Small Wins are super empowering.

#22- You will make new friends online- I really connected with some people in the FaceBook Group. My new found friends can really relate to where I am at right now in my life. That IS NOT the case in my daily life with the people around me. I didn’t know that I REALLY needed this till I had it.

#21 – It becomes highly addictive if you stick with it for more than 2-3 weeks. They say new habits take 21 days to create. Well, good thing they gave me 30 days because I missed a few 😉 Plus, this type of addiction is actually good for you.

#20 – It gets easier as you go along. All you have to REALLY do is fully commit… as in: 100% will finish no matter what commit!

#19 – You want to do it again immediately- It’s only been 3 days without my daily emails, but I’ve found myself getting up at 5 AM the past three days in a row and checking my email to get my day “started right”. No email made me sad, but then I just went over previous ones and got jazzed again. Version 2.0 out soon… YES!

#18 – I can view all of my comments on in My Account section. Didn’t realize this was going to be cool until I checked it out. Plus I heard a rumor there might be some type of participation rewards for this in the future? Rad! :). Check your comments out here: This will not include your FaceBook Group comments FYI.

#17 – Words are incredibly powerful. I realized this challenge is just made up of mostly words… but they changed my life. That’s amazing.

#16 – Focusing on an intention instead of a goal specifically can make reaching my goals easier. It’s a mental mind hack. You don’t go about it thinking “Ok, I HAVE to lose weight today. I need to work out and eat smart.” Your thinking changes to something more like “Today I am PERSISTENT! I said no to that cake at work and now I’m saying no to that beer. I am PERSISTENT! I can do one more mile or do 1 more set of reps.” Do you see the powerful difference there?

#15 – “My Faith in Humanity Has Been Restored” That’s a direct quote from someone who took the challenge named Robin. Wow. Just wow. She helped do the same for me!

#14 – My struggles and shortcomings are probably EXACTLY the same ones someone else has had and overcome. I learned this through other’s comments on pages and in the FaceBook Group. Go there, you will find answers if you’re brave enough to ask for help!

#13 – Coffee is a great Pomodoro!!! I now get up and start the coffee then immediately start my Brave Challenge journaling. Once I’ve completed it. I get to reward myself with a hot coffee while I read comments and get warm fuzzies from all the amazing people taking the challenge. Sounds kind of weird right? I used to not be able to function without my coffee first, but now I have moments of clarity before I put chemicals into my brain… it’s beautiful.

#12 – Not all of the daily challenges were possible for me. I’ll admit it. I couldn’t do all of them. I’m also taking the challenge again so maybe I’ll be able to overcome my fear on round number two :). Like asking three consecutive “Why’s” to someone. Yeah… gonna do that this time around for sure.

#11 – My RL friends don’t seem to “Get it”. When I talk to them about the challenge and the amazing community and things, I generally get blank stares. I can relate better to people taking the challenge. It’s the law of attraction. Everything seeks out its own kind. Thank God we’re all coming together!

#10 – The best things come out of a challenge or hard work. Some of this has been terribly difficult for me, but I have persevered and when I did. I felt so amazing and empowered.

#9 – The journal prompts are epic. I used to just do gratitude journaling here and there. Now I Brave Journal 🙂 Learning more about myself and upgrading to ME 2.0 in the process 🙂

#8 – There are many ways to go about the same goal. I have seen so many people approaching the same thing in a different way. I would have never learned this without this challenge.

#7 – The challenge really is free. LOL. The only reason I’m putting this in here is because it’s actually one of the biggest questions we get from people signing up. They think there’s a catch. Here’s the catch- we hoped to have something for you to buy someday…. If you feel there’s value there for you when we do, by all means, buy something. We’d be honored if enabled you to be more intentional in your daily life. That’s the point of this company anyways. We want to enable you to live more intentionally in your daily practice.

#6 – Gmail isn’t perfect. HAHAHA- Yeah, they would put the emails in my SPAM (which is hard to find actually), then they would put it in my Promotions folder, then in my inbox, then in my Promotions. I almost thought it might be part of the challenge since the I Am Persistent email was super hard to find (kidding >.<). Ah… Gmail…. Love/hate you.

#5 – Sometimes paper is better. (Photo of some of the journals shared on FB???). Sometimes doodling or just writing 100% FOR ME has been so rewarding and enriching. I’m really surprised I haven’t made this 5 minutes a day practice a routine part of my life earlier. Live and learn I suppose!

#4 – It’s safer to “ask a stranger” for help than it is someone in your daily life. This is really priceless actually. I know people paying top dollar for a “pro” to “listen” to them. What is that really though? Its just some guy listening to my deepest fears who won’t share them with anyone else in my life so I’m not devastated by it. Then he/she gives me advice. First of all, they’re only one person who usually hasn’t gone through SUPER dramatic personal experiences. This group is thousands upon thousands of people who have gone through some serious Sh*t and lived to tell the lessons behind it. Sure they may not have a doctorate degree, but does that make them less qualified to help me resolve the same issue in my own personal life? I’d say not. Plus they’re free… um yeah. I’ll take the Intention Inspired Challenge group every time.

#3 – You can’t pour from an empty cup. Working on me used to be something I’d “Get to when I have time”. The thing is you never HAVE time to get to it. You MAKE time. Just like you MAKE time to watch your favorite Netflix or Youtube videos. You make time for what you really value. When I started MAKING time to work on me in the morning, I became so much more valuable to the people in my daily life because I was FULLY CHARGED! I was able to give to them… to fill their cup a little bit every day. Is that worth more than watching “13 Reasons Why” or “Game of Thrones”? You tell me.

#2 – Good new habits have a profound impact on your daily life. I now live in a “magical version” of the same world I lived in 30 days ago. I have better connections and time for my immediate family. My days seem longer and my intentions are leading my choices to better outcomes. This all stemmed from taking this challenge. Now it is a way of life. I don’t want this challenge to ever end.

Drum roll… time for that amazing #1 top thing from #30DaysofBrave!!!!…..

#1- YOU!!! For real. The community that organically grew into an embracing culture that lovingly nudged me out of the nest because they knew I could fly… even though I couldn’t see my own wings. You hugged me when I was down, high-fived me when I was up, answered my questions, listened to me when I needed it (you know… when I was “whining” hahahaha), and (probably most importantly) showed me how much I had grown during the challenge by offering me the opportunity to be that same support to others. I learned it is just as important if not more so to GIVE words and encouragement as it is to receive them. Thank YOU for giving them to me and giving me the opportunity to BE THE GIVER! Onward to #30DaysofBrave 2.0!!! See you along the journey ?

PS- I actually thought writing 30 lessons from the challenge would be difficult, but honestly this was really easy. I could go on and on… What I really want to know is… WHAT DID YOU LEARN? Comment here or post in to our FaceBook Group!

Here are 30 things I learned from completing the 30 Days of Brave Challenge.

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30 thoughts on “Countdown: Top 30 Things I learned from #30DaysofBrave”

  1. Hi ebin , please please help , my email address is [email protected] . I completed challenge 1 and it has been life changing for me , it got me through a court case . I signed up to 2.0 and never received a welcomed email , I have sent emails about this but as yet no reply , I have even re signed but nothing , these emails have been like a torch in a dark place , please help

  2. I was stopped at Day 23. I had been waiting for new emails to come, but they didnt. I originally wanted to work on my business. However, while going through this challenge I realized I needed to work on me. I also needed to be in tune with myself to be a better mother and person. I also wanted to figure out what would I do after the 30days ended and it was becoming bittersweet for me. But I choose to start over with 2.0 and use this time around for self growth and development. I truly love this challenge and the Facebook group. Support is something that I don’t have in my life. Through this challenge I have received support from people who doesn’t even know me. I love this! Thank you

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