Embrace the Vulnerability Required for Courageous Action

Embrace the Vulnerability Required for Authentic Living



Today, let's feel what it's like to be fiercely alive and aligned with our brave intentions by compassionately embracing our vulnerable “imperfections”.


To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength. – Criss Jami

To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.

– Criss Jami



I am vulnerable because although my insecurities are at the core of what I fear, these vulnerabilities are the birthplace of my joy, creativity, and love. So I will compassionately embrace my imperfections because feeling so fiercely vulnerable means I am alive. I will let myself be deeply seen and share myself wholeheartedly even though there are no guarantees that things will work out.

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Let us embrace our imperfections,
our vulnerabilities and our fears.
For it is through our weaknesses,
that our strength and courage appear.
To share our weakness is to be brave,
to presence the darkness with our light.
For it is through our vulnerability,
that we can live life with all our might.



In this guided meditation, Gia helps us tap into the most vulnerable place within us and create a safe space there. We'll learn to allow ourselves to feel and express from the heart so that we can be vulnerable and authentic.

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share yourself wholeheartedly

पूर्णतया स्वं साझां कुर्वन्तु

share yourself wholeheartedly



Today, be courageously vulnerable by sharing a weakness with a close friend you trust.

Notice how this vulnerability is nurtured and feels less endangered when presenced in a supportive space.



Journal in hand, get some perspective on how the fear of rejection has been limiting you.



Nice work! You've just completed Day 9 of 30 Days of Bravery 🙌

One of the most vulnerable things we can do is share what is real for us with others. Fortunately, you're in a safe, non-judgmental, supportive place to do that.

So be brave and go ahead and share what's going on in your life that today's session inspired in the community comments.

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We journey better when we journey together.

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