Create Space for Change

Week 4, Day 4 of The Artist's Way

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Today, let's listen to our impulse to release what is no longer serving us to make way for new shifts in identity.


HONEST CHANGES (continued)

Shifts in taste and perception frequently accompany shifts in identity.

One of the clearest signals that something healthy is afoot is the impulse to weed out, sort through, and discard old clothes, papers, and belongings.

By tossing out the old and unworkable, we make way for the new and suitable.

A closet stuffed with ratty old clothes does not invite new ones. A house overflowing with odds and ends and tidbits you’ve held on to for someday has no space for the things that might truly enhance today.

When the search-and-discard impulse seizes you, two crosscurrents are at work: the old you is leaving and grieving, while the new you celebrates and grows strong. As with any rupture, there is both tension and relief. Long-seated depression breaks up like an ice floe. Long-frozen feelings thaw, melt, cascade, flood, and often overrun their container (you). You may find yourself feeling volatile and changeable. You are.

Be prepared for bursts of tears and of laughter.

It is important to know that no matter which form your growth takes, there is another kind of change, slower and more subtle, accumulating daily whether you sense its presence or not.

(The Artist's Way, 2016, p. 83)

I trust my perceptions.

I trust my perceptions. (AFFIRMATION CARD)

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Make space for the new.

Open your closet. Throw out—or hand on, or donate—one low-self-worth outfit (you know the outfit).


“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.”



What is one physical item you are ready to let go of that is no longer serving you?

We'd love to hear in the comments below 👇

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