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Creating a Self-Love Card that Honor the Uniqueness of Your Being

Let's compile what we know about ourselves and answer the question to the best of our ability—WHO AM I?—with a self-love card!


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Today, let's intend to express the love we feel for ourselves in as many ways as we can.

You may have noticed that when we were gathering our personal data I kept saying “Who we believe ourselves to be” rather than “Who I Am”.  Who we believe ourselves to be may be very different than who we actually are.

What we know about the way the brain works is that we form a belief and then we look for evidence that support them afterwards.

We have gathered quite a lot of data on who we believe ourselves to be.  First let's understand that “just because I currently believe this does not make it true”.  We are a compilation of  every thought, conversation, opinion and contemplation that has crossed our path since our birth.  The possibility that we have absorbed information that does not serve our current reality is quite high.  It is because of all of this information that we have collected that we are gathering it and observing ourselves in action.

Today we will compile our data and answer the question to the best of our ability … Who Am I?

Take this affirmation into yourself and Feel it, breathe into it, pull it into your heart. There may be resistance but this affirmation is true.

I Am a unique Being with unlimited potential.

Before we compile and list our data about who we believe ourselves to be, let's take a moment to express our gratitude for the person we are. Whether we believe in our magnificence or not at this moment, we are amazing, resilient, powerful creators.  There is a lot that can be learned by expressing that to ourselves and then observing ourselves as we honor ourselves with written gratitude.

We want to stay very observant while we do these exercises.  Our thoughts and feelings as we create will give us valuable information about those beliefs that no longer serve us.  (Some beliefs that we are unaware that we have).  Take note of these thoughts or feelings. They can lead you to changes and revelations that with consistent shifts can lead to greater joy and self-awareness.

Fold a sheet of heavy paper in half (a page of your journal?).  We are going to make ourselves a Love Card.

If you want your card to stay as flat as possible, tape it in this fashion with painters tape and leave the tape on until the paper dries.

Decorate the card.  Let dry (use your hairdryer on low heat if you want to speed up the process).

On the inside write a love letter to yourself complete with all of the traits that you love about yourself.

If you find this difficult that is a useful observation.  With a couple of shifts, you can still write a love letter to yourself.  Write the letter to someone that you love then put your name at the top and bottom.  We will talk more about how you can break through the resistance to loving yourself later.

Remove the tape and mask if you used them:

Create, Observe and Feed your Soul!

 Most of all have fun with this!

Begin now to compile your data on who you believe yourself to be.  A list of core values.  A list of strengths.  Challenges you are facing in this moment. Actions and reactions.  What you love and what you would like to change about your physical self, your mental self, your emotional self and your spiritual self.

If you can identify them your patterns of behavior and your conditioned tendencies would be great observations to consider.

Once you have all of your data compiled answer the question:  WHO AM I?

Remember we are not trying to fix anything.  We are simply gathering information.  No judgment and No criticism.

Of the many things that I do well these are the things I am most grateful for __________________________.

Please take a moment to pause and reflect on how it feels to know and love yourself in the Activity Feed.  This moment is always the place to begin.  You may not feel like you know or love yourself right now but through the process of observation, creative expression and consistency we can get closer and closer to this reality.

Tomorrow is a day of Rest and Catch Up.  We have done some examination that requires us to really dig in.  Let this day be about having fun with what we have learned.


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