I am committed to the ongoing discovery of my creativity.

CREATIVITY CONTRACT – a commitment to accomplishing ongoing creative plans

Week 12, Day 7 of The Artist's Way

Today, let's make a commitment to continue the momentum of discovering our creative selves.


As a recovering creative, you now have put many hours into your recovery over these three months, changing rapidly as you grew. For your recovery to continue, you require a commitment to further creative plans. The contract below will help you accomplish them.

click here to download the CREATIVITY CONTRACT


My name is _______. I am a recovering creative person. To further my growth and my joy, I now commit myself to the following self-nurturing plans:

Morning pages have been an important part of my self-nurturing and self-discovery. I, ________, hereby commit myself to continuing to work with them for the next ninety days.

Artist’s dates have been integral to my growth in self-love and my deepening joy in living. I, _______, am willing to commit to another ninety days of weekly artist’s dates for self-care. 

In the course of following the artist’s way and healing my artist within, I have discovered that I have a number of creative interests. While I hope to develop many of them, my specific commitment for the next ninety days is to allow myself to more fully explore ___________________________.

My concrete commitment to a plan of action is a critical part of nurturing my artist. For the next ninety days, my planned, self-nurturing creative action plan is _________________________.

I have chosen ________ as my creative colleague and ________ as my creative back-up. I am committed to a weekly phone check-in.

I have made the above commitments and will begin my new commitment on _____________ .

(The Artist's Way, 2016, p. 201-202)

Read the following affirmation out loud with purpose and intent:

I am committed to the ongoing discovery of my creativity.

Print and fill out the CREATIVITY CONTRACT.

Give this new contract a place of honor to remind you of this tremendous milestone you've reached in completed the 12-week journey of the artist's way and your commitment to continuing working with the tools of morning pages and artist dates.

“A painting is never finished—it simply stops in interesting places.”

– Paul Gardner

How do you plan to celebrate the completion of this epic 12-week creative journey?

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