How to Cultivate Clarity into Who You REALLY Are to Manifest What You REALLY Want


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Spring beckons us to examine the things that are important to us.  To gain clarity about who we are, how we aspire to live, and the choices we make and to live fully rather than just survive.  New beginnings require clarity and focus to manifest.  Being clear about the path we choose can help us create the new life adventure we long for.  What is more SPRING than a new adventure?

Yesterday we briefly touched on our core values.  Today we will dive in and become clearer still.

What do we really desire from our life?    How can examining our values make our lives feel more whole?  We are more balanced and more fulfilled when we are aligned with our values.

Personal core values are the things that are consistently important to us, the characteristics and behaviors that motivate us and guide our decisions.  By identifying our values, we can begin to design a life that is in better alignment with our true self. Here are a list of values that may resonate with you.  Add any values you may have that aren't on the list:

Honesty     Kindness     Loyalty     Efficiency     Positivity     Dependability

Optimism   Adventure   Creativity    Fun    Authenticity      Fairness

Wisdom     Balance     Freedom     Courage    Authority     Beauty     Status

Altruism (selfless concern for others)  Compassion    Determination   Faith

Growth    Humor    Knowledge    Justice    Learning    Work that inspires

Choose five of these values.  We can examine these and the role they play in our lives.  We can look at them with curiosity and determine if they were chosen due to conditioning or from an inner feeling of “truth and purpose”.   We can determine if they align with our truth.

repeat the following with affirmation purpose and intent:

The path I am taking feeds my soul.  I am clear and confident.


We are getting closer and closer to Clarity.  Who we think we are, who we really are and who we could be if we were living our true nature.

Oil of Lavender promotes Clarity

Today let's use our journal practice to create clarity, slow down and make space.

You will need a sheet of copy paper, black or dark-colored paint and a small thin paintbrush.  Take a few moments to connect to our breath and reaffirm your commitment.  Intentionally claim this time for yourself and then connect to your body.

Take a piece of copy paper and tear it into fourths.  Repeat this mantra as you slowly tear the paper:  I am ready to find clarity through this creative process. Return your focus to your breathing and connect more fully with your body.  Your body is holding your breath in a particular pattern or form.  Is it slow, deep breaths, shallow quick breaths?  What is your breathing trying to tell you?

Once the paper is torn into four equal pieces load your paintbrush with black paint and make small dots or marks until the area is filled.  Observe as you make these marks.  Is it tedious, too repetitive, frustrating, taking too long, restrictive?  What is your body and mind trying to tell you?  What are you needing to release?

On the next piece make less dots and marks with the intention of slowing down and making space.  Does that feel different?

Do the same on the last two pieces creating more and more space and less and less marks.  As you make space through the creative process you allow the wisdom of your body to speak.  You can slow down and relax.  Glue these pieces into your journal as a reminder of how healing the creative process can be.  As you tuned into your process, your breath and your body what became clear to you?  What was released?

who are you what do you want clarity creates


Having become more clear on what I love and who I truly am, today I am grateful for ____________________________________________________


A positive affirmation + clear intention + inspired action= a new and positive experience that is not focused on outcome.

We talked before about the difference between a goal and an intention.  I theorized that a goal was future-based where as an intention is present based, spoken, then given over to a higher energy.  Or as I like to say “Set them and forget them”.  One of the reasons we have been looking at our inner world with such curiosity over the past few days is to determine:

Who do I want to be?

How do I want to feel?

What am I craving in my life?

Tomorrow, once we are clear on what we want we will begin setting our intentions.  Until then continue to get clear on what life you really want to live.


Please take a moment to pause, reflect and share how gaining Clarity is helping you direct your energies in our Activity Feed or the comments below.

Learning and growing in a collective can be a powerful motivator and a great help to all that participate.  The Art Room is a safe space to share and we can all learn from each other's journeys.



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