CURIOUS – illuminating fear with loving awareness

Day 4 of 30 Days of Adventure

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Today, let's shine the light of curious attention and creative action amidst fears of the unknown.

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Curiosity and creativity are inherent states of being.

As unique extensions of the loving creative energy that interweaves all things, we are imbued with the same loving will to explore and create. Observing with curiosity and engaging with creativity is a primary path to self-awareness. Everything we need to know and manifest can be found through a practice of curious observation and creative action. It's the natural process we follow as we're born into this human body.

With curious attention and creative intention, we are more empowered to make inspiring course-corrections along our adventure. So today, let's tap into our curious creative power to inform the next best steps on our adventure!

I objectively observe my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. 
I accept the wholeness of my experience.
I respond to all that arises with loving-kindness.
I play with the unlimited potential of my creative essence.
I trust intuitive insights to guide my next best step.


The tools for our curious discovery are limitless.

Listening, observation, imagination, playfulness, questioning, experimentation, courage … these are states of being that can inform our curiosity and inspire creative action. With perspective, all states of being can be seen as tools to create more freedom, joy, growth … or whatever it is we value most.  Through our thoughts, feelings, and perceptions, every moment holds the opportunity to understand ourselves better and further create the life of our dreams.


Let's create a vision board for our adventure, with curious observation.

A vision board is a safe place to begin feeling into the unknown of our adventure. From the safety of our canvas (or journal), we can continue to notice what about this adventure excites us or makes us scared and make any adjustments that facilitate our personal growth and clarify our adventurous vision.

  1. Using the page we started yesterday, we should already have our:
    1. adventurous vision statement on the top of the page
    2. fear(s) that create resistance in the middle of the page.
    3. supportive affirmations surrounding our fear(s).
  2. Now, let's continue to ease these fears by adding layers to this adventure vision board with doodles, colors, imagery, magazine cutouts, food smears, or whatever materials that are on hand that bring your vision to life!
  3. If further fears arise, feel into them by allowing them space on the page. Notice how by simply acknowledging fear with loving awareness, it immediately begins to loosen its grip.
  4. In time, cover the written fears with more creative layers so that you end up with a supportive adventurous vision board!
  5. Play, create, and observe!


What came through for you on your vision board?

Whether it's a simple ensō circle around your vision statement or layers of mod podged cutouts, we'd love to see your adventurous vision board in the community comments!

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