DECLUTTER 🧹 Let The Great Purge Commence!


Today is the day we discard everything (within our chosen category) that no longer serves us, all at once, ruthlessly, gratefully, and thoroughly. Let The Great Purge commence!

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This is the day we’ve been prepared for! If we focus our efforts on eliminating clutter thoroughly and completely within a short span of time, we’ll experience powerful results that will forever inspire us to keep our space in order.

When decluttering, if an item does spark something inside of you, dive deeper into what your connection with that item is. Be brutally inquisitive about the relationship you have with this item. If, when you are communing with an item, it does not spark immediate inspiration, let it go into the purge pile without a second thought.

If it does spark inspiration, place it in the keep pile to organize after all the purging is complete.

By keeping only the things we truly love, our energy and joy will increase and fuel us through the process ✨😅🚀


I embrace simplicity and clarity, as I create a space that reflects my true self.

I am energized and focused, fearlessly releasing the old to welcome the new.

I am a powerful decision-maker, cultivating an environment that supports my goals.

My intuition guides me, as I confidently choose what brings me joy and purpose.

I am unstoppable, transforming my space into a haven of peace and inspiration.

face your past, create your future

Face your past. Create your future.

Marie Kondo's Pro Tip

The longer it takes to complete The Great Purge, the more tired you will feel, and the more likely you are to give up mid-way through.

The sooner we confront our possessions the better. If you are going to put your house in order, do it now.

Micro Challenge

The process is simple, the struggle is real: pick up each item you own and decide if that item inspires you or no longer serves you.

Inspiration should be quick and a sure thing. Any ‘maybes’ or hesitations should go straight to the purge pile.

Depending on the amount of time and stuff you have, you might want to split up The Great Purge into categories and tackle each one on a separate day (only if you must).

Start with the easiest things first (e.g., clothing and miscellaneous items) to gain momentum, then let that decluttering progress inspire you to purge the harder things (e.g., books and miscellaneous items) to part from.

  1. Take ALL the items from each category and put into one big pile.
  2. Pick up each item, one by one, and reconnect with it.
  3. Decide if that item still inspires you or no longer serves you.
    • Trust your intuition.
    • KEEP with intention: If you feel an immediate sense of inspiration from an item
    • PURGE with gratitude: If you experience any hesitation or doubt about an item

It’s not difficult to identify something that inspires you. It will be immediate, during the first moment you connect with it. Just pay attention to those initial sensations and trust them.

Where it gets tricky is when an attachment to the past or anxiety about the future starts to get involved, which will be quick if you’re also a mere human.

Though it’s a life-enriching experience to recognize when this happens and then to refocus on the task at hand—The Great Purge!

You will likely find an immense amount of satisfaction and energy once you start getting rid of unnecessary items. So use that energy to commit to The Great Purge! Once and for all.

“Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein.

Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

– Albert Einstein

Journal in hand, let's connect with some possessions and record how it makes our body react.

What does your body do when you connect with an item you no longer want?

What happens in your body when you connect with an item that sparks joy?

By listening, recognizing, and recording the natural nuances of our body, we strengthen the mind-body connection that helps us get in touch with divine intuition.

Let's Spark Some Joy

Kudos on taking on embracing the spirit of today's Great Purge decluttering session! 🎉👏

Hold the vision and trust the process as you choose a category to declutter that seems manageable and use the methods and tools we've explored. 🧹😅✨

Come back tomorrow for another round of decluttering bliss as we revel in the sense of liberation that comes with a clutter-free life! 🕊️

See you tomorrow, fellow decluttering warrior! 💪🤗

Navitage to the 7 Days of Decluttering Journey to find all the tools and tactics we've explored so far.

What inspired you during today's decluttering session? We'd love to hear in our Activity Feed!

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