Overcome Resistance with a Flex of Determination



Today, let's bypass the naysayer within by flexing our determination muscles so that we can overcome the resistance of current obstacles.



“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.“

– Colin Powell
“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.“ – Colin Powell



I am determined because I know my lot in life is created by the actions I have and haven’t taken. Today, I will do what I know needs to be done to accomplish what I’ve set out to achieve. I have the will and skill to fight through resistance and understand the fears that I encounter. I will not run from them. I will embrace them and in doing so, overcome them.

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Determination Poem

With determination as our guide,
let us face our obstacles with great pride.
For we know that dreams won't come alive,
without the sweat, the work, the drive.

Let’s embrace our fears, and not run.
We have the strength to get it done.
Let’s have the courage to see it through.
Enjoying the journey of dreams coming true.



In today's 10-minute guided meditation, we will find clarity with the challenges we're facing while strengthening our determination towards the right course of action.

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Progress take place outside the comfort zone.

आरामक्षेत्रात् बहिः प्रगतिः भवति

Progress takes place outside the comfort zone.



Today, let's practice flexing our muscles of determination in simple ways with a healthy dose of mindfulness.

It is in these small, everyday, seemingly insignificant things that we begin to flex our brave muscle and adopt new normals.



Recall a time when you showed determination. Describe it in detail, including obstacles you faced and how you overcame them. Reflect on what you learned and how it influenced your beliefs and values. Consider how you can apply what you learned to cultivate more determination today.



Nice work! You've just completed Day 14 of 30 Days of Bravery 🙌

What did today's session on determination inspire on your brave journey?

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