I trust joy

Finding Bliss: The Art of Aligning Your Dreams with God’s Will

Week 12, Day 2 of The Artist's Way

Today, let's align our artist's self-will with God's will by learning to trust.

TRUSTING (continued)

This resistance is really very understandable.

We are not accustomed to thinking that God’s will for us and our own inner dreams can coincide. Instead, we have bought the message of our culture: this world is a vale of tears and we are meant to be dutiful and then die. The truth is that we are meant to be bountiful and live. The universe will always support affirmative action. Our truest dream for ourselves is always God’s will for us.

The late, great mythologist Joseph Campbell, wrote, “Follow your bliss and doors will open where there were no doors before.”

It is the inner commitment to be true to ourselves and follow our dreams that triggers the support of the universe. While we are ambivalent, the universe will seem to us also to be ambivalent and erratic. The flow through our lives will be characterized by spurts of abundance and long spells of drought, when our supply dwindles to a mere trickle.

If we look back at the times when the world seemed to be a capricious and untrustworthy place, we see that we were ourselves ambivalent and conflicted in our goals and behaviors. Once we trigger an internal yes by affirming our truest goals and desires, the universe mirrors that yes and expands it.

There is a path for each of us.

When we are on our right path, we have a surefootedness. We know the next right action—although not necessarily what is just around the bend. By trusting, we learn to trust.

(The Artist's Way, 2016, p. 194)

I trust joy.

I follow my bliss and enjoy the supportive abundance of the Universe. I confidently follow my bliss and the universe supports my affirmative actions. I am on the right path, knowing the next right step, and growing in trust with each step.

Honestly, what would you most like to create?

Open-minded, what oddball paths would you dare to try? Willing, what appearances are you willing to shed to pursue your dream?


Let's explore this further with a short contemplation:

  1. Start by finding a quiet place where you can reflect and focus.
  2. Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes.
  3. Ask yourself, “What is my truest dream or desire?”
  4. Visualize yourself saying a loud and confident “Yes” to that dream.
  5. Imagine the universe responding to your yes with a positive energy, making doors appear where there were none before.
  6. See yourself walking through these doors, feeling confident and sure-footed.
  7. Now, think about a time when you felt lost or uncertain.
  8. Ask yourself, “What was my inner conflict during that time?”
  9. Visualize yourself saying a loud and confident “No” to that conflict.
  10. Imagine the universe responding to your no by calming down and becoming more supportive.
  11. Open your eyes and take a few more deep breaths.
  12. Reflect on what you just visualized and write down any insights or feelings that came up.
  13. Repeat this exercise whenever you need a reminder of your path and the support of the universe.

“Do not fear mistakes—there are none.”

–Miles Davis

What would you most like to create today?

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