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Day 27 of 30 Days of Adventure

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Today, let's become more familiar with the true natural freedom of our miraculous existence.

TLTR: don't take things so personally

This session was inspired by Michael A. Singer's book Living Untethered: Beyond the Human Predicament

Manifesting our desires while surrendering to what is can be a slippery slope.

Have you noticed how our adventures are much more delightful when we release the need for things to be different than they are? Today, we are going to explore what prevents us from feeling the freedom, joy, and love that is always available to us no matter what arises on our journey.


What do you do when something bothers you?

Do you keep it inside? What about those childhood problems? Those heartbreaking relationships? Those unfair moments? It all accumulates and distorts our perspective quickly if we keep holding on to those things that bother us. The more we store bothersome things inside, the more we disconnect ourselves from our underlining essence that naturally evokes feelings of freedom, joy, and love.

So a better question might be, WHY do we let things bother us?


Let's be honest, the moment in front of us is not bothering us. We're bothering ourselves about the moment in front of us.

Every moment is neutral until we personalize it with our opinions and perspectives. Until we take things personally, every moment simply exists—and it has nothing to do with us. When we die, life won't skip a beat.

So why do we take things personally?

When we take things personally, we perceive events as happening to us—which is not true, so let's break it down!


We are not the doer; we are the experiencer of reality (and a miraculous reality at that)!

Open your eyes and behold, there is always a moment in front of you. Born from the stars, every moment is a mass of atoms that were baked together in the solar furnaces and then pulled together into what we see before us. While our body is also made of atoms, who we really are is the consciousness that is aware of all we see before us.

The universe is a phenomenal system of cause and effect. What was, causes what is; what is, causes what will be. Every single thing that exists is the result of every other single thing that ever happened throughout time and space—and it has nothing to do with us!

Our consciousness may be aware of the moment in front of us, but we did not create that moment. We are simply being given this wonderful opportunity to experience a moment in creation!

We live in a world that is so perfect it should consistently blow our minds. But we are so lost in making it all personal that we miss both the greatness of science and the greatness of God (and everything in-between).


Visualize walking down an ocean beach. Perhaps it's a favorite beach of yours that you've walked down before, or maybe it's a beach you've always wanted to explore. As you casually stroll down the beach, you notice beautiful shells and shimmering patterns in the sand. You smell the refreshing salty ocean air. You watch as the seagulls are picking at the things that have been washed up on the shore and then take flight just before the incoming tide wets their feet and feathers. You pause to look out across the ocean. Maybe you see a creature far away, a sea lion? maybe a whale? you squint with curiosity as it disappears into the setting sun. You begin to appreciate the unique yet rhythmic sounds of the crashing ocean. You admire how the wind lifts an ocean spray off the waves. As you gaze out across the vast ocean ask yourself, does anything you see in front of you have anything to do with you? Or is everything that is happening, just happen to be what's unfolding in front of you at that moment? You appreciate what is unfolding all the more as you realize that had you come on a different day, or even a different hour, what you'd see would be quite different. Notice how you didn't bring any personal preferences to this experience?

Now pretend that you came to this ocean, with the desire to see a specific animal or find a certain shell … you may have felt bothered by the ways in which this experience did not fulfill your expectations. With these preferences, you would have struggled more to make the experience match your personal preferences, rather than simply enjoy the unfolding experience as you initially did.

As you can see, the moment before you has nothing to do with you, and you have the right to simply enjoy the experience. As you move on with your day, let there be no doubt, that your relationship with what is in front of you is always the same, whether you are looking at the ocean or at your life. Since you don't generally identify yourself with the ocean, this is easier to do than with the rest of your life.

Each moment is just what happens to be happening at a particular time and place in the universe where you happen to be standing. None of it is personal. It's simply a miraculous unfolding inspired by eons of unfoldings before it.


This moment has nothing to do with you—the total acceptance of this truth is surrender.

To stop being bothered by things and return to our natural state of freedom, joy, and love, we must let go of the part of us that thinks it has the right to like and dislike the result of billions of years of interactions that created this moment before us. Surrender is letting go of the parts of us that are not living this truth. That is true surrender.

As we come to realize that moment in front of us is a very holy thing, we can more easily honor each moment by holding it with awe and reverence as opposed to taking things personally and wishing things were different.


Take a moment to appreciate the moment in front of you.

Instead of thinking that the moment in front of you has to be a certain way, start thinking that it's pretty awesome the way that it is. In fact, it's amazing that it even exists.

As we move through our day, let's be extra intentional to say, “thank you”, to everything we interact with. Pay tribute to the stars, the trees, the waters, the fresh air, and whatever else presents itself as the present it is that's worthy of our presence.


 💬  How about you!? ✨

What helps you take things less personally?

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