creativity with curiosity, imagination, and freedom

🤪 FREEDOM – reconnect with your child-like creativity with curiosity and imagination


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creativity with curiosity, imagination, and freedom

Today, let's reconnect to our child-like creativity with curiosity, imagination, and freedom!

Remember what it was like to create freely?

To have a connection to creating that was simply curiosity, imagination and freedom?  Today, let's bring our freedom to the page.


The Weather has turned and we are prepared.

We may not have a lot of “art supplies” on hand (or we might have too many and have to choose) but one thing stays with us: our imagination.

Maybe it has been a while since you used it but it is always there.




“I honor the creative child within me.

I create with joy and freedom knowing there are no ‘mistakes'.”


Here are a couple of fun exercises to spark your imagination for an interesting journal page.

These can be done with only a pencil and a piece of paper if that is all you have.

1)  Ten Totally Random Things

Start by making a list of ten random things.  Imagine these “things” doing the unexpected, in unexpected places, with unexpected company.  For instance, a beard where a unicorn lives.  A strawberry on a racetrack.  A cave with a road going in and a river coming out the other side.  Cars go in and boats come out.  You get the idea.  Sketch them (Stick figures are just fine) or make a collage with images.

2) Crumple, Mash, Twist, and Arrange

Take a piece of paper and mark it up with whatever tool you have. (Crayons, a pencil, black marker, watercolor…whatever) crumple it, mash it, twist it. Now smooth it out the best you can. Tear it into shapes. Arrange the shapes on a new sheet of paper or in your journal. Glue them down when you're satisfied.

“As I play and create with my inner creative child,

I feel grateful for ___________________ “



How did it feel to create with freedom?

Please share your observations and creative musings in the comments below or the Art Room Activity Feed.


Today's intentional session is a small excerpt from this 30-day journey we think you'd love!


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