GRACEFUL – moving with intuitive sensitivity

Day 6Β of 30 Days of Adventure

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Today, let's embrace falling down as a necessary part of moving forward.


Slowly stepping into the unknown allow us to practice falling down (and standing back up) with grace (and grit).

While grandiose leaps of faith into the unknown may sound aspirational, these initial steps towards the inspired vision of our dreams will largely determine how we continue to proceed. So instead of running and launching into the unknown with fanatic abandon, let's remain balanced and grounded as we move into the adventurous unknown with graceful baby steps.


Traumatic failures may discourage continued exploration while graceful failures may energize us forward.

Falls and failures are bound to happen. They are essential in teaching and equipping us to carry on. However, if we fall too fast and too hard, it may scar us and scare us from continuing on.


Find the edge, and then soften.

As we come up to the edge of a difficult feeling, we have the opportunity to soften instead of contracting and deflecting. Softening into edgy feelings allows space for them to show us why they are there. Then we have the opportunity to nurture and heal ourselves instead of disregarding and compounding the discomfort.


A past experience that has prevented me from taking action towards my adventurous dreams:

Supportive words can my more experience self can now offer my fearful self:

One small step I am committed to gracefully taking:

Over to you!

How are you inspired to move with more grace on your adventure?

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How you start the day sets the tone for the rest of it.


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