GUIDED – receiving support from mentors

Day 10 of 30 Days of Adventure

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Today, let's ask a mentor for help in order to overcome challenges that are too difficult alone.

As we journey forward on our adventure, we need not do it alone.

There are those who have walked before us, eager to share their wisdom and support us on our journey. Mentors and guides want to see us succeed and are eager to help upon asking.


I AM GUIDED affirmation

I need not walk this path alone.
I ask for help when I need it.
Others are eager to support me.
As I listen, I am guided.
I trust the wisdom of my intuition.
I serve others as I feel inspired.


What adventure are you currently undertaking?

What challenging aspect is hindering you from moving forward?

Who is someone that has the experience that can provide guidance on overcoming these current challenges?

What is one question you would like to ask this person?

When will you ask them this question?

Attune to the mentor of your own intuition.

While it's ideal to be able to trust the guidance we receive from mentors, suggestions from outside influences should always pass the filter of the ultimate guide of our intuition. As we reach out for guidance, it's helpful to set our intention and call upon our higher self to answer any questions we want to present to a mentor.

When the mind is clear of doubts, fears, and general clutter, we are more receptive to receiving clarity and direction to the answers we seek. Clearing the mind can be as simple as paying attention to the air passing in and out of the nose.


Whether we seek it out or not, we are always being supported and guided.

Heros, mentors, and guides often present themselves when we least expect them and when we most need them. Perhaps a stranger crossing our path provides us with a different approach to the path ahead. Or we overhear a conversation about a change in the weather. Or a friend shows us a different perspective with a current challenge. As we are alert and attentive on our journey, we see that signs, warnings, and guidance are everywhere!


How about you?

How do you plan to be more receptive to support and guidance on your adventure?

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How you start the day sets the tone for the rest of it.


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