Having the Heart of a Child

By Matt Prindle (admin)

Imagine with me, if you will, that we’re on a playground.

Heck, let’s pretend we’re three-years-old again too. Wow, I already feel happier, don’t you?

Okay, so here we are, toddlers on a playground, what should we do?

Maybe we should start with a to-do list and prioritize what we could do while we’re back here on the playground. Or maybe we should evaluate all the other kids on the playground so we know who should invite to play and who to avoid.

Would a three-year-old even think to consider those options? Nope.

I know what we would do … We would PLAY.

We would be running around doing whatever naturally excites us. We would be right here, right now; enjoying the playground.

We’d poke things with sticks. We’d let our imagination run wild. We wouldn’t be afraid to create. We’d build sandcastles just to tear them down. We’d collect cool looking stones and forget where we stashed them. But that wouldn’t matter because we’d be off on the next best playground adventure.

Basically, we would be fully, completely, totally, absolutely, simply, magnificently, abundantly, one-hundred percent ALIVE.

Mmmm feels nice, huh?

Sorry to do this to you, but let’s snap back to the present. The reality of NOW is we’re both adults.

So what’s different?

We need to work; sure. We have bills to pay; yeah. Find a compatible mate; tha’d be nice. Re-prioritize our health; definitely.

So why can’t we do all these ‘adult things,’ with the same presence and perspective that our three-year-old selves had?

Here’s a liberating notion: we can.

What would that look like?

On the outside, your physical appearance wouldn’t look any different (aside from perhaps an extra glisten in your eyes). But your inside perspective and experience of these ‘adult things’ would completely change.

We’ve noticed a lot of you mentioning you’d like to tap into your kid-like self again. I too have recently made similar statements. But until this email, I haven’t been able to verbalize why, or how. So hopefully this week’s reflection inspires to recognize and have fun with this infinite playground we’re collectively a part of.

We can at least take a note from our naturally alive child-like self and pay more attention to what hurts and what doesn’t so we can let go of what’s ‘ouchy’ to make room for what’s ‘yummy.’

And of course, like everything: practice.

Being aware and knowing the difference is having the courage and gentleness to say put in this interconnected playground regardless of what comes our way.

Challenge accepted.

See you on the playground.

My intention for this project goes much beyond inspiration. It's an inward journey of self-discovery in an effort to create and contribute to something much larger than little ole' me. So thanks for stopping by and in doing so, contributing to the growing evolution of Intention Inspired.

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Jeanette Selfridge

Matt thanks for this, I am searching for my inner child , who she is and her hopes and fears .



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