How Essence Identity Can Ease the Suffering of Your Form Identity

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Today, let's get still and connect with the creative divine essence that connects our energy to the energy of all that is.

Today, let's get still and connect our form identity with our formless essence identity to better integrate our energy to the interconnected energy of all that is.


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I am integrating my humanity with my essence.

It is my intention to


I Am …

and I am grateful for


When we began our Spring Journey we asked ourselves a question that we may believe holds great importance to the expansion of our consciousness.: Who Am I?

Eckhart Tolle, renowned spiritual teacher and best-selling author says, “You have form identity and essence identity. Suffering arises when you know “yourself” only as form identity.

Many know themselves only as form identity: my name is __________________.  My career is_____________________.  I am a mother/father/grandparent.  I have done these things- past experience.  I am striving/trying to do future experience.  All of this is form identity.  It is the physical reality you are living, the content of your life as a Human but is this the totality of “Who You Are?”

You Are Not a Human Being Having a Spiritual Experience. You Are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience

I believe that there is value in the understanding that we are both.

Your “essence” identity can be found in the Stillness within.  It is your innermost “I Am…”  It is the divine essence that connects your energy to the energy of all that is.  It is timeless, formless, and entirely impossible to explain in words. When we embrace and include the magnificence of each, when we balance our “form” with our “essence”,  the question of “Who Am I” is no longer relevant.

We are … I Am … You Are and by the very nature of our birth, the power and wonder of our Being is laid before us.  When that premise resonates we are Awake.


Read the following affirmation out loud with purpose and intent:

My energies are in harmony with the Universe.




Read these quotes aloud letting the beauty of this creative moment wash over you.

“Spiritual Awakening is awakening from the dream of thought”

– Eckhart Tolle

“You have no need to travel anywhere. Journey within yourself, enter a mine of rubies, and bathe in the splendor of your own light”

– Rumi

“Waking up to who you are requires letting go of who you believe yourself to be”

– Alan Watts

Now, create what is on your soul in your creative journal.


Awakening to the totality of our being will be a lifelong journey but a journey of great revelation, beauty, and wonder if we allow it to be (and we allow ourselves to be).  How beautiful it would be to feel and experience balance and expansion on all levels!

Please share your observations of what you are learning about the nature of your being in the Activity Feed.


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