How to Believe the Impossible

By Laura Thomas
Laura is a writer, performer, mindfulness instructor, yoga teacher, entrepreneur, and some days, a fairy princess. After the tragic loss of her older brother in 2011, Laura decided the one guideline she’d use to orient the rest of her life was this: Life is short. Only do things that make the world a more compassionate place.

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Evelyn Pendall
Evelyn Pendall

I SHARED your knowledgeable words in a few places. I do believe we can accomplish things we long for but it will take time and patience as it did and is doing with me in my rare collectable Makeup Collection project I’ve been working on for almost 3 years for a future YouTube video. Now I declutered a room that for years I couldn’t do anything with because it was a catch all/ laundry storage room. My friend helped me empty it out it took weeks but finally got done. I purchased a Pet carpet cleaner cleaned the rug like new and I’m currently finally building the IMPRESSION VANITY GLASS Table Top I purchased almost 4 months ago and moved two book shelves by myself into the room for display purposes. So I’m slowly but surely getting there. But it took time and determination to collect and work at it through eBay and other websites constantly. Keep the faith. God bless.



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