finding inspiration when you are stuck

How to Find Inspiration When You Are Stuck (4 Steps)

No matter how much you try to get inspired you simply can't. You feel horrible that you are falling behind in your career and business. You are embarrassed to meet with friends because you don't want to talk about what you are doing in life. You struggle internally saying, “I have applied to so many jobs to no avail, and I don't seem like I’m putting enough effort into my work life. I am making very little money and falling deeper into debt. I have time and a very supportive partner but it doesn’t seem to be enough. What is going on? What is holding me back?”

If this is your story, you are not alone. At some point in their life, every single person on the planet experiences this and it is very painful.

Now and then we all get stuck and start to feel embarrassed about our life. Luckily, there are ways to overcome the state of immobility and to allow more inspiration to move us towards a sense of beauty, joy, creativity and growth in life (1).


Step 1. Realize That There are No Bad Ideas

Often the reason we don't push ourselves to do what we want to do is because there are outside forces influencing our decisions. For example, you have come up with an idea and you share it with your friends and family and you see that they are either as excited as you, or (sadly) they put you down. In the case of the latter, they might say it is a bad idea and you shouldn't follow through with it and suggest an alternative.

Despite having been met with negative feedback, the truth is that there is no such thing as a bad idea (2). Your idea is meaningful and is what contributes towards your fulfilled life. The only reason why someone tells you that you can’t do something is because they can’t envision it happening to themselves. What they are forgetting is that this idea is contributing to your fulfilled life, not theirs. Once you understand this you can avoid any negative influence coming your way.

With the negativity and doubt out of the picture, you will slowly but surely start believing in yourself. Your mindset will change and you will be open to act upon the urge and inspiration to pursue your dreams.

At this stage you will have the needed momentum to actually get up from your ass, make a plan, put a strategy in place and get moving.

Once your realize that your dream life is possible you will have the drive to go out there and figure out what you need to do (3).


Step 2. Open Your Mind

Not having an open mind and being stubborn will set you up for failure from the beginning. One way you can open your mind is to read more. There are many books that will offer different perspectives on reality and suggest ways to overcome your mind-born limitations. Just to get you started we will recommend two books to help you move beyond your fixed mindset: “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle and “The Language in Pursuit of Happiness” by Chalmers Brothers.

Both books will show how to allow more opportunities be presented to you that will ultimately change your life for the better. Following these suggestions will help you get out of your fixed path and default future so that you will be able to have a greater number of experiences. The experiences outside of your comfort zone will especially enhance your personal learning.


Step 3. Explore More

Don’t go for the easy road in life. Remember: things that require more offer more, so make a conscious effort to do things in a more creative and inspired way.

Enjoy the small things in life; listen to music, go on adventures, attend out-of-the-ordinary events, meet interesting people. You will start realizing that there is so much richness and beauty in life. As a bonus for going out and doing things you begin having a feeling that you are not alone. There are people just like you out there. We are all in this together.

Sitting home in front of your computer and juggling ideas in your mind, trying to figure out a plan without taking any action isn’t a good recipe for creating long-term inspiration or success. Next time you catch yourself doing this, think of the following quote:

“Strategy without execution is hallucination.” – Mike Roach


Step 4. Don’t Think You Need to Be Inspired Right Now

Don’t force inspiration when you feel you need an idea. Or if you have an idea but you don’t know how to go about it, don't go in so fast. It is okay to take a step back and relax, to breathe. So many of us go through life rushing and speeding. We are always busy, working, running. Even if you feel like you are falling behind in life, it is more beneficial for you to slow down (4). You need to give yourself a permission to just be a human being.

Force and pressure often kill your buzz (note: force and self-discipline are not the same thing).

Once your inner turmoil settles you will have a chance to see more clearly in which direction you want to navigate your life. Be present, be attentive, don’t rush.

For lasting inspiration you need to keep taking the steps and making sure to nurture and take good care of yourself. Your ideas are precious, so dignify and defend them to the best of your abilities. Feed them with your kind and open mind. Bathe them in profound experiences and never once put yourself down or let your inner critic bully you.

You have all you need to succeed.

So be the inspiration that you want to feel.

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