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How to Nurture Your Deepest Intentions into Powerful Actions

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As the creators of our reality, we get to decide what we want to create based on what is most important to us.


As the creators of our reality, we get to decide what we want to create based on what is most important to us.

Things can get sticky & confusing when the desires of others become our own. But when our desires align with our Truest sense of Self (our soul), then inspiration and satisfaction are abundant!

Fill in the blank:

I want __________________



The only thing in the way of us having what we want is our self.

Unlearning and rewiring the old conditionings is what empowers us to create the life we desire and experience the fulfilling abundance available to us all—anytime, anywhere. And perhaps most importantly, to enjoy the journey.


Self-awareness realigns how we think and act in ways that align with our soulful desires.

Self-awareness helps us remember and refocus our attention towards those things that are most important to us individually.

The most important thing is to remember the most important thing.

– Suzuki Roshi


This is why the overarching goal with Intention Inspired is self-awareness.

Self-awareness is how we align and nurture our deepest intentions into powerful, creative, and joyous actions.


To know what we really want, we must know who we really are.

In a world that is vying for our attention, it is very easy to lose touch with our Truest sense of Self.


A daily practice of communing with our Self is what realigns us to our Truest sense of Self—our soul.

This could look like meditation, journaling, going for a walk, pulling a card, taking a bath … whatever empowers us to see our beautiful self with awe and wonder for the magnificent, powerful being that we truly are.


No one is more worthy of your precious time & energy than YOU.

What if instead of rushing out of bed to accomplish endless to-dos that don't align with who we really are, we spend those first moments of the day communing with our Self?


How you start the day sets the tone for the rest of it.

What if you spend 15 minutes every morning remembering who you are so you and what you want so can spend the rest of the day living in more alignment with what feeds your soul?


What if life wasn’t happening to you, but happening for you?

Each of our Intention Inspired journeys and daily sessions are designed to inspire us to see our Self more clearly so that we can live in more alignment with what we really want.


Commit yourself to your Self and prepare for your magic to unfurl.

  • you will gradually replace what no longer serves you with what does
  • you will find creative ways to courageously honor your sacred time with your Self
  • you will notice how a greater intelligence (God, Source, Universe) is supporting you
  • you will discover newfound ways of joyfully moving through your day


Begin today, with one of our Intention Inspired Journeys »

Or if you already have a daily self-awareness practice, share what works for you in our Community Activity Feed and inspire others who are on the journey.



See you on the journey beautiful soul.

Feel free to send me, Matt, a message anytime if you're curious to learn more about Intention Inspired and how to get involved.

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