I am Aware Meditation

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Self-awareness is the key to happiness and health. In this meditation video, you'll discover the keys to developing clarity, peace, and fulfillment through self-awareness.

Self-awareness is the key to living a life of happiness and fulfillment. In the meditation video below, you'll learn how to reach a state of peace, clarity, and serenity through the process of awareness.

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Our Layers

Many of us spend most of our lives entrenched in our minds. We don not know how to escape the incessant stream of thoughts that bombard us every moment. For many years, I believed that my thoughts were at the core of my being, and therefore, I identified with them.

It wasn't until I started practicing yoga and meditation that I learned that I have many different layers to my being:  my body, my mind, my emotions, my spirit.

Through meditation, I started to recognize that my thoughts are actually a very superficial layer of myself. The true core of my being is much more calm, expansive, and serene than my mind. The core of my being is my spirit, which is free from thoughts.

Detaching and finding awareness

Meditation has allowed me to detach from my thoughts so that I can witness them and let them go, not believing in or internalizing every single thing that crosses my mind. Such peace is found in this detachment!

Once I developed the self-awareness to separate from my thoughts, I realized that I could apply this same technique to my body and my emotions.

Developing a deeper awareness of my body has helped me find greater health and physical well-being. As I listen to the well of wisdom in my body, I understand clearly how to take better care of myself with diet, exercise, and rest. Self-awareness is the key to physical health. (1)

The many benefits

As I have become more aware of my emotions, I am able to process them with greater ease. I no longer react out of emotion or deny my feelings all together. Witnessing my emotions as they arise helps me stay grounded in the present moment. It allows the emotional storm to pass with greater ease.

Self-awareness brings me into greater contact with myself so that I can curiously study all that I am and all that I experience. Knowing the ins and outs of my body brings me health. Identifying my rising emotions gives me equanimity and stability. Awareness of my thoughts grants me inner peace and freedom.

Through meditation, self-awareness is developed and leads to a happy, healthy, and successful life. Try out the meditation exercise for self-awareness in the video above.


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