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Setting intentions allows us to choose the energy of our experiences before they happen. Learn how to set intentions and be guided by them in this meditation video.

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Here at Intention Inspired, we know the power of setting intentions. The most effective way to live is on purpose!  Setting intentions helps us consciously choose our experiences and the way we perceive things, as opposed to passively allowing life to happen to us. In the meditation video above, you'll learn how to live an intentional life, guided by your conscious choosing.

Setting intentions is often something that is taught in yoga classes. (1)  You set an intention at the beginning of the practice for something you'd like to cultivate in your life. Then you focus on that intention throughout the yoga session and leave the mat feeling more in tune with that energy, whether it's peace, joy, or forgiveness. The way I see it, focusing on a feeling, breathing into it, and giving it your attention and awareness helps you embody that feeling.

And so it goes with setting intentions in your daily life, as well. By acknowledging the intended experience you'd like to have and focusing on it, you're more likely to feel it, create it, and seek it out. If you go into an experience expecting to hate it, it's pretty hard not to!  If you go into an experience knowing that you'll choose to feel joyful regardless of the circumstances, it's a lot easier to live a joyful life. This is why being intentional helps you live on purpose. Rather than feeling like life is happening to you, you are co-creating your own life by living intentionally.

Setting intentions is more than just setting goals. (2) While goal setting is practical, rational, and limited to the tangible world, intention setting is limitless, open, and expansive. Intentions are as lofty as your imagination is, which can fuel your practical goals with hope and excitement. It can fuel your everyday life with meaning and purpose.

In the meditation video above, you'll learn how to set an intention in your heart and carry that intention with you like a guiding light that helps you embrace every experience. When you feel lost in life, just return to your intention for more wisdom, hope, and guidance.

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