I am Prepared Meditation

Sometimes in life, we just can't prepare for everything. We can't know every fact or have every skill for any situation. But that doesn't mean that we can't still feel prepared. In this meditation video, I'll show you how to get grounded in your body so that you'll feel prepared for anything that comes your way.


Some of the most successful people say that you should start before you're ready. If you wait until you feel completely prepared for life's many circumstances, you'll probably never begin. But something really amazing happens when we don't wait 'til we're ready, but we bring readiness with us. (1) In these moments, we come alive and shine our light. We prove to ourselves that we had what it takes all long.

In order to bring readiness with us everywhere we go, we need to be present; we need to get grounded.

What does it mean to feel grounded?  Literally speaking, it's feeling the ground beneath you, a connection to the earth. And metaphorically speaking, feeling grounded is the sensation of being present in your body, aware, balanced, and clear.

If we can't be prepared for every single outcome in life, then we can at least be grounded in each moment! This is the best way to feel prepared.

There are lots of ways to get grounded in your body. Getting grounded through meditation means feeling your physical body, especially where you touch the ground, your feet & your seat. We can feel grounded by tapping into the pull of gravity, which keeps us ever-grounded.

To create an even further grounded sensation, we can visualize a “grounding channel” or energy pathway that flows from our feet & seat deep into the ground. This grounding channel keeps us energetically connected to the earth so that we feel present in our bodies.

As we sense this magnetic pull that draws us downward through the grounding channel, we feel safe, peaceful, and relaxed. When someone exudes these clear, balanced qualities, we say that they are “down to earth.” (2) But when someone is anxious, unsteady, and unaware, we call them “spacey” or “up in the clouds.”

So the act of grounding into your body really helps you focus mentally. It helps you clear away distractions, feel your feet on the earth, connect with your breath, and concentrate on the situation before you. When you have this tool to get grounded in your back pocket, you will feel prepared for anything!

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