LIBERATED 🦁 Micro Challenge

If you’ve made it this far and experienced a purge of your own, you’re due for some quality rest and rejuvenation.

DECLUTTER 🦁 Macro Challenge

You will likely find an immense amount of satisfaction and energy once you start getting rid of unnecessary items. So use that energy to commit to The Great Purge! Once and for all.

BRAVE 🦁 Micro Act of Bravery

Let’s take a minute to embrace our courageous inner lion with the “Power Pose.” Enjoy the boost of confidence and use this simple power pose whenever you need a reminder of your inner strength.

GROWTH 🦁 Micro Act of Bravery

Today, let’s expand toward a brave goal with a baby step toward something we’ve never attempted before. By stepping outside our comfort zone and embracing the learning process, we’re cultivating a growth mindset, as we’re becoming increasingly willing to take risks, learn from mistakes, and grow through new experiences. This playful approach to embracing challenges … Read more

CHANGE 🦁 Micro Act of Bravery

Change can really rock the human boat, so here is an 🪄emojified✨ list of 10 healthy reminders that support the integration of transformational change. Notice which one(s) feel out of balance and commit to nurturing that area of your life pie today. 🥧🤤