INSPIRED ✨ Embracing the Decluttering Magic of Infinite Possibilities


Today, let's uncover the core values our decluttering journey has revealed so that we can continue to align our actions with what truly matters to us.

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Today, may our breath remind us to receive (inhale) inspiring energy of infinite possibility and to release (exhale) anything that no longer serves.

Let's practice with two deep yummy breathes ✨💨✨💨👇

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As we harmonize our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual spaces, we nurture an environment abundant with meaning and joy. Through practice, this balanced way of life becomes ingrained in our being, allowing us to effortlessly release what no longer serves us and embrace what sparks happiness. This continuous process mirrors our growth and the endless possibilities life offers. Embracing the natural ebb and flow of life, our aim is not to eliminate clutter completely but to create space for fresh opportunities and inspiration, akin to the life-sustaining rhythm of inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide, maintaining equilibrium within ourselves.


I am inspired by all that surrounds me.

I support the healthy transition of anything that no longer serves.

My clean and organized space gives me mental and emotional clarity.

I attract the lifestyle I aspire to have by making space for it.

I listen to the inspiration of my heart.

I trust the wisdom of my body.

I surrender to the infinite possibilities of the great unknown.

I am inspired.

Inspiration is calling, and I am listening.

Inspiration is calling and I am listening.


Decluttering and organizing is a never-ending process of making decisions based on one’s values. Letting go of things that no longer serve us helps to develop our intuition and invite more inspiration into our life.

“There are times when I am quite discouraged by my inadequacies. I do, however, have confidence in my environment. When it comes to the things I own, the clothes I wear, the house I live in, and the people in my life, when it comes to my environment as a whole, although it may not seem particularly special to anyone else, I am confident and extremely grateful to be surrounded by what I love, by things and people that are, each and every one, special, precious, and exceedingly dear to me. The things and people that bring me joy support me. They help give me the confidence that I will be all right. I want to help others who feel the way I did, who lack self-confidence and find it hard to open their heart to others, to see how much support they receive from the space they live in, and the things that surround them.”

– Marie Kondo

Today's challenge is to double down on bravely embracing what truly inspires us and releasing anything that holds us back.

Let the body be the compass! Observe how you instinctively frown, tense up, or contract when faced with something that doesn't serve you. This may occur while decluttering your surroundings, deciding whether to attend an event, or even encountering the unpleasant smell of forgotten food.

Though the concept is simple, it's not always easy. Embracing this mindset is the key to crafting a lifestyle that resonates with our hearts. Trust the process – the outcome will lead to a more fulfilling and uplifting journey.

Quick Decision Check-In:

  1. Take a deep breath to center yourself.
  2. Bring to mind a decision, situation, or object you're currently facing.
  3. Pay attention to your body's reactions as you think about it – do you feel relaxed and expansive or tense and constricted?
  4. If your body feels relaxed and expansive, this may be an indication to embrace the opportunity or keep the object. If you feel tense and constricted, consider releasing or letting it go.
  5. Take another deep breath and thank yourself for the quick check-in.

Repeat this exercise whenever you need a rapid assessment of what serves you and what doesn't in your daily life.

“If you should take the human heart and listen to it, it would be like listening to a sea-shell; you would hear it in the hollow murmur of the infinite ocean to which it belongs, from which it draws its profoundest inspiration, and for which it yearns.” – Edwin Hubbel

“If you should take the human heart and listen to it, it would be like listening to a sea-shell; you would hear it in the hollow murmur of the infinite ocean to which it belongs, from which it draws its profoundest inspiration, and for which it yearns.”

– Edwin Hubbel

Let's take a few minutes to wrap up our decluttering journey by embarking on a journaling exploration of self-discovery and life design as we explore the core values we've uncovered through this decluttering journey (and beyond).

  1. During your decluttering journey, what core values have surfaced? 💭✨ Write them down and describe why they are important to you.
  2. Imagine yourself as the hero of your own story, creating a vibrant and fulfilling year ahead. 📆🌟 Write down any experiences, activities, goals, etc. that are inspired.
  3. Now, let's break it down! How do you want to spend your time in quarters 🍂🌷, months 🌛, weeks 📅, and days 🌞?
  4. Lastly, create a daily routine, or at least one daily action, that aligns with your inspired values. 🌱💖

I'm so incredibly grateful you joined me on this 7-day decluttering journey. 😊🙏 Exciting things to come!

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How are you inspired to live with more intention after completing this final session of our decluttering journey? We'd love to hear in the community Activity Feed.

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