Integrating Our Dark and Our Light to Feel the Wholeness of Our Soul

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Let's befriend all the parts of ourselves and use the powers of creativity, courage, and compassion to try on all the hats of joy.

Today, let's befriend all the parts of ourselves and use the powers of creativity, courage, and compassion to try on all the hats of joy.


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I understand my need for contrast.  I will embrace all facets of my being.

When I understood my own darkness, I was consumed by my own light.

– Anonymous

Even in the Spring the night is still dark.

Even as we observe, shift and grow our shadows remain.  That need not be a concern…our shadows are part of our learning on this physical plane.  We are human and we need the contrast to expand our growth and consciousness.  We also have the ability to choose and play around with our actions and behaviors when shadows appear.  What feels like the loving, conscious solution to this challenging experience?

If we can integrate our dark and our light and see all facets of our being as an important part of this physical experience, we can feel the fulfillment and wholeness of our soul.  We can stop fighting ourselves or trying to “fix” ourselves and begin to love ourselves.  It seems to me that humans that love themselves are more likely to love other beings, the Earth, the physical journey and would be better suited to make decisions for the good of all concerned.


I love and show compassion for my whole being.

There will always be darkness and light on this journey, on this planet and within ourselves.  How can we befriend all of the parts of ourselves and, in this moment, use our powers of creativity, courage and compassion to try on all the hats of joy?

Two options for today's creative journaling exercise.

1. First sit with your breath for a moment.

Focus on how it feels as you slowly inhale and then exhale.  Feel the tension leave your body.  Clear your mind and let the stillness soothe you.

See in your minds eye your Shadow self.  Use a blank page from your journal. Ask your Shadow “what do you want me to know right now?” and then paint or draw whatever comes to mind. Even the strangest mental images or scenarios can hold a seed of wisdom, helping to reveal hidden feelings, thoughts, or information. Express that image in your journal page.


2. Make your journal page a testament to the Dark Night.

Dark Night Creative Journal

I embrace my Shadows.

I am grateful for


How can you identify your shadow?

According to Debbie Ford, author of The Dark Side of the Light Chasers gives her recommendations for identifying our Shadow.  She says some good questions to start with are:

  • What am I most afraid of?
  • What aspects of my life need transforming?
  • What am I most afraid of that someone else will find out about me?
  • What am I most afraid of finding out about myself?
  • What’s the biggest lie I’ve told myself? Someone else?
  • What could stop me from doing the work needed to transform my life?

The shadow is not to be seen as something bad. Quite the opposite. It’s exactly what we need to embrace, love and accept about ourselves in order to feel a deep authentic self-love. It’s when we have embraced our shadow that we feel whole.  Please take a moment to pause and reflect in the Activity Feed.



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