30 Days of Intuitive Eating

Ready to ditch the diet and listen to your body?

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30 short sessions that will inspire your intuitive body wisdom! 💌✨👇

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Is this journey for you?

This 30-day journey will inspire and empower you to create a sustainable, healthier lifestyle by understanding how problematic eating habits are created and how to shift away from the diet mentality that keeps us stuck and feeling crazy around food.

Intuitive eating is a natural way of eating that most of us have lost touch with. This journey will cultivate freedom around food by tuning into the wisdom of your body.

Discover how to:

  • 🌞 eat more intuitively
  • 🧠 connect with your body's wisdom
  • ⚡️ understand how to eat for energy
  • 🙅 reduce and manage cravings
  • 💁‍♀️ no longer overthink food choices
  • 🍎 create healthier food habits
  • 💪 become more food-empowered
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How might your life be different if you eat more intuitively?

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Meaghan McElroen

Meaghan is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Compulsive and Emotional Eating Wellness Coach.

Earlier in life, Meaghan struggled with body issues and unhealthy eating habits and eventually found her freedom with the lessons applied throughout this course.

In this course, she teaches us how to be happier and stronger than ever WITHOUT dieting. Exercise is optional ; ) Freedom IS possible. Let’s do this!

The daily inspirations.

Start each day with mindful intention.

Each day of this course will include these thoughtfully designed elements for your inspiration:

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100% free • unsubscribe anytime • email secure

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Join our supportive community.

As a participant of 30 Days of Intuitive Eating, you are not alone. You'll meet other people who are also invested in developing body wisdom and healthier lifestyle habits. You'll be able to share your thoughts and ideas while reflecting on insights from your peers.

intuitive eating testimonial
intuitive eating testimonial

Let the journey commence!