INTUITIVE ~ receiving insights of understanding

Day 13 of 30 Days of Adventure

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Today, let's explore what might be inhibiting our intuition and discover ways to deepen the connection of our intuitive inner voice.



Intuition feels like an exact knowing within a moment.

It is a sudden understanding that is based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning.


Intuitive is the deep-knowing presence that is everywhere and always available.

Intuition is revealed by attuning to the truth of what makes us feel good, what scares us, what triggers us, what makes us feel more connected. These moment-to-moment insights enlighten us to what is most accurate and true for us exactly where we are, exactly as we need it.


We always have access to the guide of our intuition.

By deepening our connection to our free Inner Being, our intuition grows louder and the next best steps on our adventure become clear and invite us forward. With practice, we begin to trust in our Self more and move out in faith. Even falling down becomes a welcomed practice that helps us deceipher between intuition, impulse, and instinct.



Was that instinct, impulse, or intuition?

The difference is subtle, and discerning between the three requires close attention. So let's break it down:

Instinct is an unconscious emotional reaction.
🤯 The hiker instinctually reacts to danger. 

Impulse is an unreflective desire to act.
🤤 The hiker impulsively reaches for a cookie. 

Intuition is an unconscious understanding.
😃 The hiker intuitively knows which path to take.



Disconnecting from intuition can happen subtly.

The mass indoctrination of social noise in today's world often causes us to lose touch with our, very natural, intuitive presence.

🤫 Perhaps we've learned to ignore our inner voice because people in our life who mattered to us did not listen to it.

🤔 Perhaps we habitually try to predict the future to establish a sense of security and meanwhile lose touch with our moment-to-moment insights.

🥸 Perhaps we've become overly accustomed to relying on data and information to inform our decisions.

😞 Perhaps we dwell too much on the discomfort of our faults and so don't trust ourselves to be able to make the “right” decisions.

Whatever the reasons, we increasingly lose connection to our intuitive inner voice by learning to ignore it. The less we trust our own innate wisdom and don't listen to our inner voice, the more it fades to the background amidst the loud foreground of everyone else's voice.



Reconnecting with our intuitive inner voice is a simple practice of awareness.

The way to get the inner voice of our intuition to grow louder is to look for it and listen to it. By trusting and depending on it more, the whispers grow louder.

Initially, ignoring the external ‘shoulds‘ and ‘shouldn'ts‘ and listening instead to our own inner knowing takes courage—especially if we've become accustomed to basing decisions on other people's opinions.


Intuition begins functioning when we accept that we don't really know what we think we know.

Intuition takes center stage when we stop pretending to know. When external voices and internal chatter become noiseless. When we allow the information that is everywhere, to be where we are.

When we don't claim to know something, we bring no pretext into the moment—then, within the very moment—the ‘what' needs to be known, becomes the ‘what' we intuitively know … presented in a way that's recognizable to our honest vacancy.


Intuition germinates within the silent intimacy of our felt senses.

It propagates as we release the noise of what we think we know. It blossoms in the awareness of the space between each heartbeat and breath.


I AM INTUITIVE affirmation

I am connected to All That Is.
I am feeling into my Senses.
I am acclimating to Infinite Intelligence.
I am listening to my Inner Being.
I am receiving deeper Understanding.
I am an Intuitive Being.


Today's challenge is to notice patterns of behavior that rely on external information and practice hearing intuitive information.

Each time we feel the “need to know” something, we have the opportunity to strengthen our intuition. Before habitually seeking outward or relying on old stories, what if we first cultivate more stillness and inner peace with a few deep breaths?

This “need to know” often arises from fearful insecurities.

What if we practice being okay with not needing to know all the details ahead of time? What if we practiced releasing the comfort of pretending like we know what will happen and trust that it will all unfold better than we could ever imagine? What if we trust more in the rich intimacy and wisdom of each passing moment?


How about you?

What is one way you are inspired to cultivate a stronger connection with your intuition?

We'd love to hear from you in our private community comments.


How you start the day sets the tone for the rest of it.


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