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What you could you do in 30 days with just a little bit more bravery?

I could lose 10 pounds

30 Days of Brave is a guided journey that will take you to the edge of your comfort zone and lovingly nudge you to explore what’s on the other side.


I would never have had the guts to quit my job if it weren't for this, so I am eternally grateful!

Thank you so much for making it short to add to my morning devotions! You made it challenging without being overwhelming (not too time consuming)!


I can now commit to any goal I want to achieve. Thank you!

Very aware of the choices I make now, I think of my own needs first for a change.


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Wake up inspired every day with a new session that will unleash your bravery while making progress towards a brave 30-day goal.

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Each day you will experience thoughtfully crafted elements that will awaken your braver self.

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The Daily Elements

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My anxiety level is much lower as I have recited the I AM… every day until I feel calm.

I loved this! It’s like daily self–improvementt investing in myself. And I finally believe that I’m worth doing just that!


I have become so much more self-aware! The questions in this challenge forced me to delve in, dig deep and face some faults I didn't realize I had that were definitely holding me back in life!

I am no longer thrown into a panic by life's challenges. I can take a step back and break the problem down into small goals, stepping up bravely to tackle each one.


I would just like to say Thank You. You are helping me save my life… literally.

I just want to thank you for being amazing! This has helped me reach my goal! I will still continue this although I have reached where I wanted to be!!!


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