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Our bodies are microsystems of our world. Within the complex ecosystem that allows us to breathe & move & think & create, the five movements create life.

This 10-day journey dives into the five movements/elements in Chinese medicine, looking at the secrets of resilience of each movement: 💧 water 🌲 wood 🔥fire 🌱 earth 👑 metal. We'll spend two days with each element, one day for learning and reflection to get to know the nature of the movement, and one day for activation and play, letting the elements flow in our daily lives.

Unlocking the gift of each movement opens the way for the five movements to dance in your life. This is a dance to foster calm, flexibility, joy, nurture, and surrender.

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juniper klatt

juniper is in her second year of her Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine degree at OCOM in Portland, OR. She has previously explored spirituality through a Master's of Divinity at Portland Seminary, and spent 4 years working with young adults in a service year program exploring the intersection of spirituality and activism. She's an artist and poet, has been a nanny and a filmmaker. She is currently working on publishing her eighth book of poems, wild fractal song. Her love of art, learning, and spirituality combine in this fun and powerful beginning exploration of the five movements.

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