Journaling is great, but this is better.

A manifesto from our co-founder Ebin Barnett

You were born into this world with yourself and you’ll leave this world with yourself. In between, you have your thoughts, your desires, your actions, your memories… your life… it’s your life.  

When’s the last time you asked yourself What do I want?” I mean…

“What do I really want?” 

I’m not talking about money, cars, houses or stuff to fill them. I’m talking about happiness, health, peace, fun, fulfillment… love… You know, the stuff that really matters. It's the way something makes you feel that you are really after. It's not the things.  

Well, how do you get it? Do you already have it? Maybe even a little? Do you even know what it looks and feels like? What’s stopping you from getting it right now? Have you created a plan to get it?

When’s the last time you really listened to yourself from the depths of your soul?  

The vastness inside you

Have you asked yourself the tough questions to peel back your own onion layers to your core?  Do you think you’re ready for that? Do you know what you’ll find there? That's where it gets juicy.

Getting real with the person in the mirror is tough. But we guarantee the answer to all of these questions and more are there inside you. You will find them if you’re brave enough to journey there… into the dark, eternal vastness inside.

The greatest journey of our lives doesn't require a single footstep.



You are your greatest teacher. You are all that you need to feel happy, to feel joy, to feel passion… to really feel alive and find your treasure. That's where your heart will be. But to have that, you need to know you. You must listen to you.

Find the still quiet dark place inside and let your own internal compass be your guide.

Helping you find your own internal compass has been what we at Intention Inspired have been doing… by accident. We didn't even know that's what we were doing. We just started a simple challenge called the 30 Days of Brave Challenge that resonated with the souls of hundreds of thousands of seekers. Souls that hadn't been listening to that compass inside of them simply because they needed a spark to be inspired, a spark to push their internal limits, a spark to ask themselves the right questions. When they finally did, the world opened up to them like a beautiful blooming flower.

Through the challenges series we call journies we have created here at Intention Inspired we’ve seen bad marriages end and new ones blossom with love.  We’ve seen stale careers crash and burn and new passions rise from their ashes. We've seen people overcome anxiety, depression, personality disorder, PTSD, Bi-polar issues and severe stress. We’ve seen people go back to school, get degrees, get promotions, lose the weight, rekindle a lost love, get an organ transplant, become published authors, become life coaches, break the cycle of hate and start living for themselves, finally forgive someone and even finally forgive themselves! We’ve watched them grow from just journaling empty words on a page to truly journeying inside themselves to their very core.  To their own compass! That's what we're talking about when we say

Don't just journal, journey


When you finally find and connect with your internal compass, the world around you becomes a little bit more ‘enchanted'. There's a glow to the ordinary things that you never saw before. The small things somehow give you BIG feelings of joy and satisfaction. You make better decisions and steer your life in the direction you were meant to go. You're not afraid to say ‘No' but love to find ways to say ‘YES'! You lose that anxiety and stress of what might happen tomorrow and start getting excited about what tomorrow's journey might bring. You're tapped into you and there's no stopping you now.

Treat Yourself

Make each day a little journey worth remembering. Let Intention Inspired guide you there. Get your Intention Inspired membership here and see where your compass leads you when you finally have the chance to find it… 


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